Average Double Glazing Prices 2024
How much does double glazing cost?

Average Price For New Windows

Average Price For New Windows

In the United Kingdom double glazing costs can vary between £150 to £600 or in some cases more, this is of course per window, which is why quotes of £2,000 and up is not uncommon within the industry.

There are many factors to consider which will affect the overall cost of double glazing. Materials, design, window size and other variables can add to the price of double glazing.

When replacing windows, the cost can vary from company to company as generally, they have their own prices. So it’s best to research companies for the best price as one small business could quote you £4,000 whereas a commercial brand could quote you £2,000 and vice versa. So it’s best to research and shop around for the best price.

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost For A New Window?

Prices start at around £200 and rise up to £700, it really depends on the style and type of window you choose to have. A single casement window with a uPVC frame starts on the lower end at around £200, whereas a sash window starts from £450 and is more on the costly side.

But by researching what you want will lead you to have a more realistic expectation of costs. Therefore you can budget accordingly for your new windows or replacement windows.

At a glance the costs can vary on the different design you want. Looking at a single 200cm x 200cm window installation, the prices would be:

uPVC window styleAverage price
Casement window£300 – £400
Sash window£600 – £800
Tilt and turn window£500 – £600
Dual turn window£550 – £650

Of course, all these prices are estimated and different companies can provide different quotes for their installation services. So these figures should be taken with a pinch of salt.

On top of these costs are other variables such as colour, handle type, the type of finish on the windows, all these added extras push up the cost.

It’s also important to factor in the cost of the glass. If you were to go with the specially treated glass which – if shattered – breaks into harmless crystals. Whereas normal glass breaks into shards which is more dangerous. The special glass, although offering more safety, is more expensive as a result.

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Guide Prices for uPVC Windows

The table below gives a rough estimate of the cost for uPVC Casement Windows.

Remember, these prices are only a guide and not 100% accurate as many companies move between these prices when quoting the work as they may have a minimum order price which could affect how they quote their windows.

We advise to buy windows for the whole house rather than individual windows. The reason for this is because it saves costs as you may pay more for a window if you buy it individually.

As with all our advice in this article, it’s best to shop around for the best deal to get the best quotes available.

Casement window sizeColourAverage price
500 x 500mWhite£140 – £160
500 x 500mmWood grain£155 – £175
1000 x 500mmWhite£160 – £172
1000 x 500mmWood grain£185 – £200
1000 x 1000mmWhite£200 – £230
1000 x 1000mmWood grain£220 – £250
1200 x 1200mmWhite£240 – £270
1200 x 1200mmWood grain£270 – £300
How Much Does It Cost To Double Glaze A House?

How Much Does It Cost To Double Glaze A House?

It makes sense for companies to lower the cost of double glazing a house as you will be buying more products from that company, rather than buying individual windows. Whilst it’s difficult to say the exact price on how much it would cost to double glaze a house, the table below gives a good indication of estimates to use a base for finding the right quote. If the quote is higher than these prices, you know that you’re potentially being quoted too much, if it’s within the price or below average, then you might be getting a good deal or a deal that is somewhat accurate by industry standards.

Whilst we’ve already considered the costs in terms of the overall style and design of the window, there are other costs to be considered from a customer perspective, different houses, the size of the house and the number of windows all play important factors into the cost of double glazing.

Overall, uPVC windows are generally the cheapest option with windows and doors costing around 30% – 50% less than wood or aluminium alternatives.

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Local or National Double Glazing Installers?

Both! It’s best to consider both national and local double glazing installers for your home renovation project, or if you’re just updating your home. Get quotes from both local and national double glazing installers and compare which quotes fit within your budget.

Whilst double glazing cost is important, so is the support you receive throughout the project from start to finish.

You might prefer a local company so that you can have more of a personal service, although you might prefer a national company who can simply get the job done and treat is as any other job.

However, national companies may run promotions and discounts from time to time, financing options are more available from national companies. These could save you costs overall, whereas, you might be paying more top level prices for a smaller company but the level of personal service you receive could be greater than that of a national company.

The same variables apply, you may get charged extra for style, design, finish and other accessories. Customisation can also be quite costly and bump up the price. But as long as you have budgeted for these options with a realistic figure, then you should be fine.

As with new double glazed windows, replacement windows can also be quite expensive and is a competitive market. So it’s best to find multiple quotes from different companies in and around your area, then, compare those quotes from national quotes which you could enquire about.

By doing so, you get the best price available for your budget and your project.

Comparing Double Glazing Prices

Researching has never been more important than it has in the home improvement market. It will make you more in-tune with double glazing prices and put you in a better position to be able to buy double glazing windows at a competitive price.

Furthermore, your knowledge of the different types of window styles and designs will improve as you get to understand the different costs for the different styles.

There are many things to consider when buying double glazing, these include;

Energy Efficiency Ratings

In the long run investing into high energy rated double glazed windows can reduce energy costs and in turn save you money, but upfront they are likely to be more expensive.

Double glazed windows are ranked on a simple grading scale with G being the least energy efficient and A++ being the most energy efficient. So when shopping around, consider budget but also consider energy bills for the next 10 years plus as you will more than likely be keeping your windows for that amount of time at least. This is why we would advise on spending a little more money to get the A++ energy rated windows.

Types of Glass and Colours

The type of glass you choose to install with your windows will also impact the double glazing cost. Whether you go with toughened, frosted or self-cleaning, they each come with benefits and each add to the cost of your double glazing. Although in some cases, the toughened glass may be a requirement. In such cases, it’s best to speak to your installer for specifics and any other questions you have, as they will be able to best advise you on what to do.

The colour of the frames will also bump up the price. White is the most popular,  however there are many colours to choose from. Contemporary colours such as black, grey or green are available to use. There’s even different effects and finishes such as the wood effect which can look nice but comes with a higher cost.

Accessories and hardware is also available for your windows. Different types of handles, colours and styles to suit your property rather than look out of place with the rest of your house.

It’s best to compare prices and quotes of different double glazing companies to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Then if you already have the budget at your disposal you can look at installing your new or replaced double glazing windows. If you need to look at other alternatives,  a lot of companies provide schemes such as financing options which include monthly instalments to pay for double glazing and other financing repayments. Be sure to find these out so that you know what’s available to you.

Double Glazing Network Locations

The Double Glazing Network is made up of many businesses which operate in various counties in the U.K. we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to find your local double glazing supplier to be able to request a quote from them to see how they stack up against the competition and we’re pretty confident that these businesses are competitively priced, meaning what they quote is industry standard to which you will struggle to find better offers out there.

Double glazing companyArea covered
Alaskan WindowsSurrey
Anglia Trade WindowsNorfolk
Abington GlassNorthamptonshire
Aspire BifoldsLondon
Barong ConservatoriesLondon
Bluemanor WindowsEssex
BM WindowsHampshire
Buy Right WindowsKent
Crown WindowsLeicestershire
E & A WindowsHertfordshire
GB WindowsSomerset
Horton Building Plastics LtdStaffordshire
Indeluxe WindowsGloucestershire
KEO uPVC SpecialistsDorset
Lincolnshire Windows & DoorsLincolnshire
M & K Window InstallationsCambridgeshire
Next Gen GlazingSouth Yorkshire
Northants Windows & DoorsNorthamptonshire
Orchard WindowsLincolnshire
Progress WindowsLeicestershire
PW InstallationsStaffordshire
Selby GlassNorth Yorkshire
Shield GroupHampshire
SWD Essex Windows & DoorsEssex
Spire GlassWiltshire
Trade 2 Trade WindowsKent
Truglaze Windows and DoorsLincolnshire
Wimbledon WindowsLondon
Windows Plus UKNorfolk
Windows XpressEast Sussex
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How Much Do Double Glazing Units Cost?

How Much Do Double Glazing Units Cost?

Double glazed units are used to repair existing double glazed windows as you might only have a small problem that a double glazed unit could fix. Anything bigger and you might want to consider replacement windows.

The prices of which may vary. This is simply due to the fact that each company will have their own prices on double glazed units. It’s best in this case to do some research to find the best suitable quote rather than going ahead with one quote. By researching around, you may save yourself money by using another company and find a more suitable company to you and your project.

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

For something such as a standard single double glazed replacement window, you may be expected to pay between £200 – £500. This is quite vague due to the amount of options there are.

Specification, style, size and other variables will increase the price for replacement windows and sometimes, you have to accept these price increases because of the style of your other windows.

If you have Georgian bars for all your other windows in your property, then you more than likely need to include Georgian bars in your new windows so they don’t look out of place.

Most manufacturers offer a 10 year guarantee on all their double glazed units as generally, this is the lifespan of units.

You may need to replace failing units in the meantime or if a quick and cheap double glazing fix is what you’re after, whilst this may fix the issues, long term you may run into more problems. Instead, look at comparing quotes for repair costs and replacement costs.

In retrospect, you may find you can afford to make these changes rather than a short term quick fix, such as a double glazed unit. It’s best to research and look around – with a budget in mind – to see if replacement windows is affordable to you.

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Sash Windows Prices

As with all uPVC products, prices will vary according to the style and design of the windows. For a full breakdown of pricing and costs, see the table below.

Taking a traditional design such as sliding sash windows as an example, because it’s more difficult to manufacture, the price will then be more expensive than a casement window, which takes quicker to make. Then consider replacing the whole house with sash windows and the price will go up and be more expensive.

Customers frequently ask, how much is it to double glaze each window separately? Well, the size of the unit will ultimately decide the cost of the unit. However, we would advise creating several quotes for different styles and then, getting quotes from various companies to find the best prices available.

Aluminium Windows vs uPVC Window Prices

Overall uPVC windows are usually cheaper than aluminium windows. This is primarily down to the fact that the materials cost less. And this is why it’s popular with homeowners because of the material which costs less than other materials.

Purchasing new double glazing windows is a big investment which is why it’s important to choose high quality uPVC windows for your home. These windows will come with a warranty for 10 years as that’s how long they usually last before you might want to start thinking about renewing and replacing your uPVC windows.

uPVC windows are the main choice for residential properties as they are stylish, enhancing the look of the home as well as being relatively affordable for homeowners.

With many customisation options to choose from including styles, colours and materials, prices can rise, so be sure to shop around for the best quotes possible.

You will usually find that aluminium windows are more common in commercial properties. Speak to your double glazing supplier for more information regarding aluminium windows prices.

Does Window Material Affect The Price?

The material of the frames is one of the most important factors when determining the price and is dependant on the material. There are three base materials in the U.K. to choose from – uPVC, wood and aluminium.

Each come with their own pros and cons, but for the consumer, the price is the most important consideration to make to see what you can afford, at the very least, most people will be able to afford uPVC and this will generally be the most popular choice anyway because of the stylish, contemporary design which improves the overall look and quality of the home.