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Replacement Windows Cost

There are many reasons why you need replacement windows or would want to replace the windows in your home. It could be that the glass has broken, condensation has seeped into the double glazing, or for more economical reasons, such as:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of your home
  • Reduce heating costs
  • Adding more style to your property

Whatever the reason, replacement windows don’t have to be expensive. At DGN, our online tool will provide you with an instant quote for the cost of replacing your windows. Our data is pulled from the nearest double glazing companies to you, and it’s free to use.

Signs that it’s time for replacement windows

If you’re not sure whether you need replacement windows or not, there are some common signs that will indicate it’s time to get some new windows fitted.

SignHow to check
DamageThe most obvious sign that your windows might need replacing – look to see if your windows are leaking (such as water coming in) or if you can hear external noise more than usual
DraughtsUse your hand to feel around the edge of the frame. If you can feel air coming through, this is a good sign that your windows need looking at
Difficulties operating the windowIf it is difficult to open or close the window, or if it’s sticking or locking up, these are some strong indications that the window needs looking at – at the very least to save you from a headache!
Condensation insideIn the morning, check the windows. If the window is wet on the inside and has signs of condensation on the inside, then you should get your windows checked out
AppearanceSometimes, the uPVC frame can discolour over a period of time. If the window looks to be yellowing, then it’s probably time for a replacement window
Heating costIf heating costs are rising, or your energy costs are disproportionate to your property size, then it’s a good idea to take a look at your windows and decide if a higher energy-efficient rated window is needed

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