How To Make Your Conservatory Warmer

20 October 2020
Updated 10 August 2023

A uPVC conservatory is a perfect way to make the most of the sunshine and draw in natural light into your home. 

However, when the temperatures start to drop, conservatories tend to be more on the colder side, making them unsuitable in the winter.

But all is not lost. There are ways to keep your conservatory warm in the colder months, and we’ve pulled together some of the top ideas to keep your conservatory warm, including:

  • Replacing conservatory roof with a warmer alternative
  • Improving the glazing
  • Installing radiators
  • Flooring type

Make your conservatory warmer 

  1. Replace your conservatory roof 

In the same way that heat escapes from your head, heat can escape from your conservatory roof. 

If your conservatory is older, it is likely that your conservatory roof is made from polycarbonate, which does little to insulate your conservatory. 

Although a more expensive option, replacing your conservatory roof with a tiled or solid roof can go a long way in keeping your conservatory warm, saving you money on your energy bills. 

  1. Improve your glazing 

Unlike the rest of your home that has the luxury of internally-insulated walls to keep it warm, your conservatory is mostly, or completely, made from glass. 

This doesn’t mean that your conservatory has to be cold. 

One cold conservatory solution is improving your conservatory’s glazing. 

Installing triple glazing in your conservatory is a great way to make your conservatory warm. 

  1. Install radiators 

You probably have radiators all over your home but it’s likely that you don’t have any in your conservatory. 

Why not? 

Installing a couple of radiators in your conservatory will make a huge difference in keeping your conservatory warm. 

  1. Remember your flooring 

Have you ever walked across a cold floor with no shoes on? Horrible, isn’t it? 

When we are trying to warm up our conservatories we often forget about the role our flooring plays. 

It could be as simple as laying a large rug or something more drastic like installing underfloor heating, both these options will help keep your conservatory warm. 

Find a conservatory specialist 

Now you know just some of the options you have to help make your conservatory warmer, you may be interested in making a few conservatory improvements. 

Before you get started, it is important to choose a trusted conservatory specialist to carry out any work. 

You can use our online installer tool to find a conservatory company near you who can advise you on the best options available for your conservatory.