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Triple Glazed Windows

We have all heard of single or double glazing. But the next logical step is triple glazing. Triple glazing is increasingly becoming more popular, but there are still concerns surrounding the cost of triple glazed windows vs. the benefits of thermal efficiency.

What is triple glazing?

Triple glazing refers to a sealed uPVC frame with 3 panels of glass inside, thus creating a triple glazed window. Between each panel of glass, there is usually a pocket of air or gas (often argon gas) that works as an insulator. This helps reduce outside noise and retain heat.

What is better: triple glazing or double glazing?

In order to determine whether triple glazing or double glazing is better, a method called the U Value Measurement is used. This provides a measurement of how well the glazing can insulate and deliver thermal efficiency.

To provide an indication of the key differences, below are the common U Values for different types of window glazing:

Glazing typeU Value
Single glazing5+
Double glazing1.6 – 5
Triple glazing0.5 – 0.8

The above table is for illustrative purposes only.

As shown, triple glazing does provide greater thermal efficiency than double glazing, however, the gap between single and double is larger than that of double and triple glazing, therefore it is important to consider the cost implications of triple glazing and weigh up whether the increased cost is beneficial enough to warrant the extra investment.

Benefits of triple glazing

When it comes to choosing the level of glazing for your uPVC windows, it is important to match it to the insulation of the rest of your house.

Not having the right type of glazing compared to the rest of your property’s insulation can lead to draughts, cold spots, and heat being drawn away from you, therefore it is important to choose the right glazing when picking your new windows.

The main benefits of triple glazing include:

  • More thermal comfort – triple glazed windows can hold on to a higher level of heat, usually around 18C compared to 16C for double glazed windows
  • Increased noise reduction – perfect for property’s that are on busy roads or in a noisy neighbourhood. Double glazed windows generally offer an acoustic performance of around Rw32, whereas triple glazing can bring this into the low 40s range
  • Less chance of condensation – as mentioned, the U Value for triple glazing is lower than other levels of glazing. This reduces the chance of condensation forming

But all good things come with some drawbacks. Whilst triple glazed windows can make your home feel more comfort, improve thermal efficiency, and offer a better night’s sleep, there are some downsides, which include:

  • Increased cost – due to the extra layer of glazing, there is a higher cost for triple glazed windows
  • Weight – the walls that surround and support the window will need to be structurally strong enough to withstand the increased weight of triple glazed windows
  • If they are not installed correctly, they won’t perform to their optimum levels, defeating the point of the extra investment

Cost of triple glazing

Now that you know of the benefits that triple glazing can offer, you are probably wondering what the level of investment needs to be.

At the DGN, we have a network of double glazing companies around the UK that are able to install triple glazed windows, using uPVC frames supplied by TruFrame, that are able to hold the heavier weights incurred.

Use our online tool to find a double glazing company near you.

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