Are there any government grants available for windows and doors?

11 October 2019
Updated 4 January 2024

Upgrading single glazed windows and doors to double glazing is a great way of reducing energy costs and saving money, but for some, the cost of upgrading their entire home to double glazed windows and doors can be too exorbitant.

For this reason, there are often various grants and schemes available across the UK to provide support for upgrading to double glazing. Over the years there have been various grants, from the Green Deal to the Green Homes Grant among others, most of which are now closed.

But there are still some grants available, often on a regional basis, that are designed to support those on the lowest incomes upgrade their homes to double glazing to reduce energy costs and reduce fuel poverty.

Whilst many grants will offer upgrades of windows for free, some may require a contribution. Please refer to the criteria and terms of each scheme for more information.

Which grants for windows and doors are available in the UK in 2024?

As of 2024, several grant schemes are available in the UK to assist with the costs of installing energy-efficient windows and doors. These schemes are primarily aimed at improving home energy efficiency and are available to various groups, depending on specific criteria such as income level, geographical location, and housing conditions.

Energy Company Obligation (ECO4)

This UK-wide scheme, running until 31 March 2026, targets low-income households, offering grants that can cover the full cost of energy efficiency upgrades, including double glazing. Eligibility is based on receiving income-related benefits, and grants are delivered through energy suppliers.

LA Flex Scheme

An extension of ECO4, LA Flex offers financial support for families on lower incomes who do not qualify for ECO4 but are living in fuel poverty. This includes costs for double glazing, loft insulation, and heating upgrades.

The main difference is the application process, which is handled by your Local Authority (council) as opposed to energy suppliers.

Typically, those on low incomes living in a home with an energy performance certificate (EPC) of D-G will qualify.

Affordable Warmth Scheme

Available in Northern Ireland for households earning less than £23,000 annually, this scheme provides up to £7,500 for energy-efficient upgrades. It includes draught-proofing windows and doors, and replacing single glazed windows.

Home Upgrade Scheme (HUG2)

Running until March 2025 in 45 local authorities in England, HUG2 supports low-income homes that are off the gas grid, including renters and social housing tenants, with improvements such as double glazed windows being available through the scheme.

Home Energy Scotland Grant and Loan Scheme

This Scottish scheme offers an £8,000 interest-free loan for upgrading or replacing single glazed windows, plus up to £7,500 in grant funding for other energy efficiency improvements.

Home Repairs Assistance

The Home Repairs Assistance grant offers up to £5,000 over three years for small-scale home improvements, including window replacement, for individuals over 60 or those on specific benefits. You will need to reach out to your Local Authority to see what support is available.

What is the ECO grant?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is similar in many aspects to the Green Deal grant, however, it’s not necessarily aimed at double glazing improvements.

The ECO grant is for: 

  • Those who are on a low income 
  • Those in a fuel poverty-stricken area
  • Those who are in vulnerable households
  • Those who are receiving benefits from the government

To see if you’re eligible for the ECO grant, visit the GOV.UK website for more information.

The ECO grant is there for homeowners to make energy-saving benefits to their homes by installing new gas boilers or solid wall insulations.

But sometimes, homeowners may be able to put some of the money towards double glazing installations, especially for those who currently have single glazed windows.

Why? Because technically, this falls under the “energy-saving benefits” category. 

We have spoken before about the many benefits of double glazing, and why all homes should make the switch from single to double, simply because of the amazing energy efficiency ratings double glazing windows have.

So be sure to check to see if you’re eligible for the ECO grant before making any big purchases for your brand new windows and doors.

What if I’m not eligible for ECO?

ECO Double Glazing Grants

Whilst there are other certain government-backed grants that can help homeowners with paying their electric and gas bills, it’s important to note that there are currently no other grants for windows and doors from the government available.

But do not worry, if you aren’t eligible for any of the grants we’ve mentioned on this list, you may be surprised to hear that the cost to install new windows and doors is not as much as you may think.

We recently covered the average double glazing prices for the year and whilst this is an estimated figure across all the products our installers offer, the prices are only a few £100 out of what we’d expect our network of installers to charge.

There are many ways you could look for advice on how to save energy, whilst it may not be a full grant for your home, these energy-saving tips may provide useful as a short-term solution:

  • Add draught excluders to your windows and doors to prevent heat loss
  • Seal cracks in flooring and skirting boards and block an unused chimney or fireplace to prevent heat escaping through the chimney
  • Consider monitoring your energy usage to reduce usage where you can

If you’re interested in installing new windows and doors into your home, use our find an installer tool to find local double glazing companies who can help discuss the type of home improvement you want. 

Alternatively, use our online quote tool where you can design your fully bespoke windows, doors and conservatories, seeing a visual representation of your ideal window or door. All our quotes are completely free and come with no obligations.

Now closed: Green Homes Grant Scheme

On 8th July 2020, the UK Government has announced a new home improvements grant scheme.

The new scheme, called Green Homes Grant Scheme, allowed homeowners and landlords to claim vouchers worth up to £10,000, to install energy saving measures in their homes, including for double glazing (windows and doors).

The Green Homes Grant Scheme is now closed and no new applications can be submitted.


Can I get a grant for new windows and doors?

In a roundabout way, yes. Whilst there isn’t an official “double glazing grant scheme” there is an energy-saving benefits grant called the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) which may potentially be used for double glazing upgrades.

How can I get free replacement windows?

The ECO is a national-based schemes that are currently available for homeowners.
We would refer you to speak to your local authority to see what loans and schemes are currently available within your area.

How much can new windows save on energy?

Installing the latest windows and doors can have huge energy-saving benefits by decreasing the amount of heat loss in the home whilst in turn, saving on monthly energy bills.
See our blog article on ultimate energy efficiency, for more information.