Add value to your home with uPVC

If you’re planning on selling your house, or even if you aren’t, making home improvements that will add value to your property is something you need to consider.

It is likely there are opportunities for different upgrades and renovations in your home that will increase the sale price of your house. Whether you want to create more space, lower the cost of bills or just make a more aesthetically pleasing home, read on to find out how uPVC can assist in providing valuable, simplistic home improvements.

Improving security

As a homeowner, making your home as secure as possible is likely to be a priority.

Windows are usually considered the weakest point of a home’s security, however with Liniar’s uPVC windows, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Liniar is one of the UK’s leading uPVC manufacturers, and as a Secured By Design approved manufacturer, it meets the gold standard in home Security.

New homes, which are fitted with Secured by Design frames, have seen an 87% reduction in burglaries, proving that these products can be the difference between a safe home and a vulnerable home.

Making it your own

Creating curb appeal is a great way to improve the selling price of a property. It comes down to the fact that the more appealing your house looks, the more people will be initially interested in it.

Recognising customisation as an important part of improving aesthetic, Liniar have ensured their uPVC products have hundreds of unique design, colour, texture and hardware combinations. Every home looks different, so why should all windows look the same.

Choosing uPVC doors, for example, will give your home all the fantastic benefits of uPVC, with the look and style of any door you like. With colours/textures ranging from a modern Smooth Anthracite to the classic Irish Oak, there’s no limit on the personalisation available via our network of uPVC door installers.

Even uPVC patio or french doors can be customised down to the doorknobs, allowing you to add a personal touch to your home and make it stand out from the rest.

Use our handy QuoteBuilder tool to see the full extent of customisation available in uPVC windows and doors.

Increasing space

One of the most obvious ways to improve your home’s value is by increasing its size, however this isn’t always straightforward.

Planning and building extensions can be expensive and often prove a long
process due to the design and planning required. A loft conversion may be an option, but they require stair access which means you could have to sacrifice space elsewhere in the home.

This is where uPVC conservatories shine.

Often requiring less time and money to build than an extension, conservatories are now becoming the preferred way for homeowners to create additional living space, whilst also adding value to their home. Read more here about the many benefits they bring.

If you’re unsure of the best ways you can improve your home using uPVC, be sure to visit our inspirations page for some great ideas, or find a uPVC installer near you today to start adding value to your home.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important as we are all working towards saving our planet. In this day and age, many items and appliances are labelled as energy efficient. The question is what does it mean to be energy efficient and what are the impacts of it.

Energy efficiency is all about reducing the amount of energy used to do something. Getting more out of less.

So, how does it benefit you?

The Benefits Of Energy Efficiency

Purchasing products that are energy efficient will not only help improve the planet in the long term, but will also provide key advantages to you and your family in the present.

When you consider that most people spend around 80% of their time indoors – at work, school or at home – ensuring that buildings are energy efficient is essential. Efficient buildings use less energy, cost less to operate, provide cleaner air and help with the flow of air and heat around the premises.

As energy rates continue to rise, an investment into energy efficiency is a necessary move forward. There are several ways you can do this when looking at your property. It can be through several small changes such as ensuring that you have uPVC framed windows and uPVC doors. This is one way you can achieve ultimate energy efficiency.

What can uPVC do for you?

If you consider how you can increase the energy efficiency of your home, and therefore decrease your carbon footprint, having uPVC frames installed is a great place to start.

uPVC windows provide a more stable indoor temperature, by keeping heat trapped in the winter and cool air in the summer. This allows for an all round more comfortable home without the worry of excessive bills during those cold winter months. Whilst this allows you to spend less on heating and energy, it also means your household is producing less greenhouse gasses. This contributes to reducing the impacts of climate change, both locally and globally.

uPVC frames allow the correct balance between minimising air leaks and ensuring appropriate ventilation. This, alongside the reduced noise pollution they provide, makes homes with uPVC windows much more appealing if it ever comes to selling your house. By improving the lifecycle
of the house and lower cost and maintenance fees, energy efficient homes have an increased resale value when compared to those that are not.

From an aesthetic point of view there are also no concerns, uPVC is widely-used and there are a variation of designs available, ranging from standard casement windows to the exciting uPVC Bi-fold doors!

Are There any Disadvantages?

Realistically, there are no disadvantages to being energy efficient because of the positive impact it has on our planet.

There is the initial cost of updating your windows, which may put you off choosing to improve your home. However when you weigh up the overall benefits it is definitely a worthwhile investment, with you saving a lot of money over the years.

Many people steer away from uPVC because they think a plain white, plastic finish won’t fit into the aesthetic look of their house. This may have been the case in the past, however nowadays, there’s a myriad of options out there for you to choose from.

Using our quote builder tool, you can see for yourself the extent to which you can customise your windows – from the textures and colours to hardware, you will never purchase uPVC frames that don’t suit your style perfectly!

If you’re interested in improving your home using energy-efficient windows, find an installer near you to get the ball rolling. This is a great step in the right direction of ensuring your property is energy efficient.

Endless uPVC customisation options

As a homeowner, one of your top priorities is likely to be updating and maintaining your home to ensure it is perfect for you and your family.

After the initial purchase, a lot of homeowners will invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in improving their home, which is why the value of the building’s trimmings should never be underestimated. A uPVC colour, texture or design that doesn’t match your homes aesthetic can affect how you feel about your house, long after purchase – particularly if the item was bought through lack of choice!

We understand the struggle of finding your ideal frames, and its essential that when looking for the right product you find an installer you can trust, but also offers a large selection of options.

This is why we’ve carefully selected installers and suppliers that place great
emphasis on the customisation of their products, which in turn offers you a wider range to choose from.

Read on to find out about the endless customisation our suppliers offer, or jump straight in and find your nearest installer today!

A winning formula

uPVC is widely known as the top-performing frame material.

On top of its energy-efficiency, recyclability and wide-ranging designs, it also offers an affordable means to get a frame that suits your home perfectly.

While highly sought-after wooden frames can be expensive to import, install and maintain, uPVC frames made in the UK are among the cheapest to use and provide a hassle-free alternative to other, maintenance-intensive frames.

Wooden frames should be varnished every year or so. uPVC frames, however, require little more than a wipe every now-and-then thanks to their durable material!

By offering texture choices such as Irish Oak, Rosewood, Golden Oak and
Cream Woodgrain, our installers ensure that no homeowner need pick a uPVC window frame that is lesser quality for the sake of its aesthetics!

For customers looking to secure the most elegant of materials, some frames are even able to be made with Smooth Ivory as its external material!

Not sure about which material would look best installed at your home? Visit our inspiration page to open your mind to the plethora of choice!

Thanks to the range of uPVC available from the Double Glazing Network, homeowners can pick from a wide variety of both uPVC door and window designs, as well as the associated hardware, handles and locks.

We know how much of a perfectionist you want to be when it comes to your home, which is why we provide a Quote Builder tool which allows you to customise and style your windows and doors, exactly how you want them.

Choosing the perfect gateway to your garden

Summer is on its way, meaning the back garden will once more become habitable and the barbecues will soon get fired up! What better time then to revamp the entrance to your garden?

Not only does a specialist uPVC back door open up your home to the extra light that’ll soon be shining through, but it also affords your house the countless benefits of uPVC doors as a whole.

We’ve already covered the top 5 benefits of patio doors – this article will take a look at how to pick the right garden door and open your eyes to the many options available!

Why choose a quality door for the back of the house?

Choosing the door to your garden is no different to choosing any other door – selecting the wrong one could untie the room and turn out to be a long-term and expensive mistake.

This is why we believe that the choice of the back door is just as important as the choice for the front door. Fewer visitors will see the back door – that’s a given – but there’s no reason to neglect it; back doors contribute to the overall value of the house and can impact the rooms they inhabit greatly.

Clear-windowed French doors are a fairly irregular find as a front door because they allow for complete visibility into the house. However, as a back door, they not only let as much light as possible shine through but also act as a floor-to-ceiling window through which homeowners can see their garden.

Picking the right door requires much thought about the homeowner’s priorities.

If you’re short on space, a patio door can do wonders to allow in maximum light with minimum space required, as it slides laterally rather than opening out like a regular door. If you need a professional installer to help you decide on the viability of the space available, use our handy installer search function.

For those looking to open up their home to the summer air, bi-fold doors couldn’t be better suited. Acting as a massive window when closed and a missing wall when open, bi-fold doors give the owner a huge amount of flexibility when summer comes around!

These priorities are simply not achievable by installing a poor-quality, non-specialist door!

Protection from the outside

A common thought of doors with large amounts of glass is that they aren’t as secure as other doors. Luckily, our chosen frames for stable doors, french doors and bi-fold doors all come with Yale Lockmaster hardware, meaning the frame offers unparalleled security.

What’s more, uPVC frames are among the most energy-efficient frames that can be used for windows and doors. Using a number of high-quality gaskets, uPVC frames employ air pockets to not only insulate homes in winter but also go a long way to reducing noise pollution all year round.

Ensuring the door suits your home

Due to a massive amount of customisation possible on the products our manufacturers supply, you are able to tailor your new windows and doors to your exact specifications.

From the hardware and glass types to the colour and textures of the frame, you can make the door work exactly to the look of your home. Try our quotebuilder tool to see exactly how much you can customise the gateway to your garden!

If you’re looking for ideas on how the gateway to your garden could look, make sure to visit our inspirations page for a variety of uPVC window and door designs!

How uPVC conservatories bring value all year round

As a homeowner you most probably try your best to ensure every room in your house is optimised to its full potential. Whether this means a garage conversion or renovating an attic room, but there is another option if you’re wanting to create more space in your home.

Over recent years the industry has seen a surge in the popularity of conservatories. They are a great investment to create a room that brings the indoors and outdoors together. However, many homeowners believe that a uPVC conservatory may be a great choice for summer, but less useful for colder months.

In this article, we’ll explore the many benefits conservatories can offer throughout the year and why they need to be considered more than just a summer room.

A year-round investment

During summer, conservatories can be a blessing for homeowners.

With 180° visibility, they allow huge amounts of light and heat to enter, while their large doors can also allow a cool breeze in.

With double glazing though, they can provide yourself and your family with additional space and functionality in the colder months. Acting as an alternative to an extension or a garage/attic conversion, conservatories are a highly accessible and affordable alternative to a large-scale project.

One of the most cost-effective conservatories on the market is the lean-to conservatory.

Simple in their style, lean-to conservatories suit just about every house type and are a quick and easy way of increasing the space and value of your home. As a basic extension with just 3 walls and single-sloped roof, you need only measure out where you want to extend out to and let an installer take care of the rest!

You can find your nearest uPVC installer using our handy installer search tool.

Abundance of choice

We’ve built relationships with the best uPVC manufacturers (and installers) in the UK to ensure homeowners have all the choice in the world when planning their next extension project.

On top of bespoke conservatory options, we offer a number of different styles.

Edwardian conservatories are designed with a ridged roof that curls around the corners, giving a traditional feel to a conservatory designed for maximum floor space and light allowance.

From customer feedback, we’ve found that gable-ended conservatories suit a grand, stylish house. With a high-angled roof, they let in a great amount of light and create the illusion of a high-ceiling house.

An option often misunderstood in relation to conservatories is an orangery. Closer to an extension, orangeries are primarily brick, with uPVC interwoven throughout. These are ideal for those perhaps with a more open garden who may prefer to keep their privacy – you’re able to customise endlessly, whilst still allowing maximum light through the many windows.

Using uPVC, all these options offer massive space improvements at low cost, whilst insulating your home with cutting edge frames, meaning you’re able to use them all year round.

For ideas on your possible conservatory project – visit our inspirations page!

Yale’s key benefits to your home’s security

Over the course of many years spent supplying high-quality uPVC doors, we’ve listened to homeowners to find out what their top priorities are.

To no one’s surprise: security always ranks very highly on their checklist when choosing a door.

This is why we’ve built relationships with market-leading suppliers and manufacturers, to ensure we offer unbeatable window and door security. We’ve found that supplying gold-standard products and hardware ensures all security concerns are dispelled, giving homeowners peace of mind following their purchase.

This article will make clear why Yale is our top-recommended lock system and show the difference it can make to your home’s security.

How to tell a good lock from a bad lock

The most standard lock system throughout the UK is the multi-point locking system.

This system essentially bolts the door into the frame and locks at more than one point, meaning that while your door is locked by one key turn, it’s actually got numerous safeguards to ensure that the door isn’t easily knocked through.

The Yale Lockmaster system, which offers numerous combinations of deadbolts and hooks, is able to be added to all of our uPVC doors, making them extremely secure; it’s no surprise that Lockmaster is Britain’s favourite lock!

The difference it can make to your home security

We know that a secure door results in a secure home, which is why we only recommend the best products and hardware to homeowners.

While there are many locks on the market, we always recommend Yale’s multi- lock product, as alternative locking systems can be much less secure. A more simplistic lock, such as the night latch for example, is bypassable by using a credit card, which is why we try to steer each and every customer towards the more complex Lockmaster system.

There is a 10-year mechanical guarantee helping you, as a homeowner, feel safer and more secure in your house. This means in the unlikely event that the lockmaster system does fail, your home and belongings will continue to be safe.

On top of this, as a Secured by Design-approved manufacturer, they make up part of the group that has seen a reduction in burglaries of up to 87% in new homes!

Does Yale fit my requirements?

Yale is the best-known lock manufacturer in the UK – if not the worldwide – for a reason. They’ve been at the front-end of lock innovation for years and have built a reputation for quality.

All of our standard doors are able to have Yale locks attached, giving unparalleled security to you and your home.

Using our online door quote tool, you can build your door specification from scratch and revel in the many hardware, design, colour, texture and glass options available, to ensure your door hits all your requirements!

uPVC windows and doors to make the most of summer

Winter seems to have been left in the distance, meaning that as a home owner, there’s now only one thing on your mind: how to best prepare for summer.

For many families, this means booking holidays and buying suncream; however, for those looking to get the most of summer whilst at home, the savvy purchase of uPVC windows or doors could be the key to spending their summer in a holiday villa (without leaving the house).

In this article we’ll review the benefits of investing in new windows and doors this summer, as well as recommending the best uPVC items that can lighten up your home during the summer months.


Windows and certain doors, such as patio and bi-fold, are key to allowing natural light into your house. A poorly-placed window can be a massive waste of money, while a well-placed one can greatly improve the amount of light coming into your home.

Going one step further, a broad window or patio door can open up your home to the outdoors, allowing fresh air to flow freely into your home. Unfortunately, this can also mean that your windows and doors are often the main source of cold entering the house in winter.

We believe homeowners shouldn’t have to choose between a house that feels either great in summer or warm in winter, which is why we recommend uPVC to consumers looking to have the best of both worlds.

Liniar, our chosen manufacturer, uses a patented design that traps pockets of air within the frame. This means that the uPVC door or window frame acts as its own form of climate control, keeping the cold out during winter and the cool air in during summer.

As a homeowner, you don’t need to compromise your priorities – you can have a great set of windows and doors all year round. Use our installer search to find an installer nearby to get your house ready for summer!

The products available

There are many different of products that can help bring summer into your home.

The perfect mix of accessibility and visibility comes in the form of the uPVC patio door. With no outward swing, patio doors are ideal at saving space. With their ultra-slim sight lines, our patio doors have a fantastic window to frame ratio, and therefore let in the maximum amount of light.

For those with more space available, a French door or a wide bi-fold door might be ideal.

Our Liniar bi-fold doors are the first of their kind to compete with the aluminium alternative. Much like our French and patio doors, our installers stock bi-folds with slim frames, meaning the maximum amount of light can pass through without impediment from the frame.

On top of these door products is the myriad of uPVC window options available. From casement to custom, our installers offer a great amount of choice to every homeowner looking to improve their house.

The final product that is ideal for optimising your home for summer, is a conservatory.

Having a uPVC conservatory installed, is perfect for a mixture of extending your home and welcoming in the sun. Not only do conservatories act as extra rooms in the winter, but offer the best possible access to the outdoors in the comfort of your own home. Gable-Ended conservatories in particular allow in a huge amount of light thanks to the high roof – something that comes atop the priorities list of many prospective buyers.

Using our quote builder tool, you can build an order to your exact specifications and tailor all designs, colours, textures and glass-styles to suit your home – use it today to find the perfect addition to your home in time for summer!

Upgrading your home with thermally efficient uPVC

Whilst a fantastic looking set of new windows and doors can elevate a house’s selling price, it’s the thermal efficiency of the frames that can provide long-term savings, which is why so many homeowners have opted for uPVC windows in recent years.

A thermally efficient window frame can provides a similar amount of heat saving to roof insulation or double glazed windows, and is a sound investment for any homeowner looking to reduce their heating bills.

In this article we’ll investigate what exactly makes a window thermally efficient and why they’ve become such a popular item.

What is a thermally efficient window?

A thermally efficient window is a high-quality product that will do more to insulate your home and therefore reduce the amount of heat escaping.

The uPVC manufacturer we use, Liniar, has patented an internal design that uses high-quality gaskets that maintain tight weather seals, as well as multiple chambers to break up mini convection currents. This creates a barrier of warm air pockets that reduces heat loss.

The main concern for homeowners when considering technology this advanced is the cost that comes with it, but fortunately it doesn’t have to be expensive. We’ve worked with our network of suppliers and installers to bring you competitive prices and deals – try our quote builder today to receive an instant quote.

How important are energy efficient windows?

From a money-saving standpoint, energy-efficient window frames can be vital in stopping the households heating leaking through the windows, which in turn will mean heating bills are lowered.

The Energy Saving Trust found that a detached house can save up to £120 a year using A++ rated window frames. This could save a family thousands over a number of years, while in the short term, your home will be noticeably warmer – particularly in the winter months.

Not only this, but if you are looking to sell your home, an energy efficient house is far more attractive to potential buyers as thermally efficient uPVC has become a prerequisite for many buyers due to it helping homeowners to keep the costs of running their home down.

Why buy energy efficient windows in summer?

Thermally-efficient window frames also have their benefits in the summertime.

Using the pockets of air within the frame, energy-efficient uPVC window frames completely stop the passage of heat from one side to another, meaning that if a house is cool inside – it stays cool.

Summer can also be an ideal time to invest in these windows with installers and manufacturers often being busier in winter months due to the increased demand.

If you are thinking of replacing your windows, find an installer near you today and get to the front of the queue.

Customise your uPVC doors and windows

Everyone likes to make a house a home, and part of this is being able to design and style your house to match your own tastes.

While painting and decorating might spring to mind for internal customisation, it is also possible to update the outside of your home.

Custom-built window and door frames are a great way to personalise the exterior of your home. uPVC is known for its core benefits of thermal efficiency, durability and security, however you may not be aware of the many ways you can customise a uPVC frame to fit your home perfectly. From the design and hardware, to colours and textures, uPVC windows and doors have come a long way!

Standard white

The standard white uPVC frame is a classic for a reason.

Fitting just about any home, the standard white frame can bring stark contrast against coloured exterior walls or brickwork. Lasting for up to 20 years, the white uPVC also makes it easier to clean than most thanks to no additional materials being added to it.

If you’re looking for some ideas as to what you want out of your home’s windows and doors, look no further than our inspiration page. There, you can see the full extent of uPVC doors and windows available via our network.

Hardware and design

uPVC has seen a large increase in popularity in recent years, which is why the industry has kept up with the pace and released new designs and hardware that will allow any homeowner to feel they’ve made the perfect purchase for their home.

While uPVC is the base material for our frames, hundreds of pieces of hardware go into each product, from locks and handles to letter boxes and cat flaps!

Using our handy, custom quote builder tool, you can choose not only from the many pieces of hardware available, but also the hundreds of different design choices.

If you’re looking for windows, you’ll be given access to the full range of customisable products that we offer, so whether you need the smooth profile of a French Casement window to fit well against a rendered wall, or a Sash Horn windows for a more traditional finish, you won’t be short of choice.

If looking for uPVC doors, you’ll be amazed to see the many frame and door types on offer through our installer network. From Stable to Bi- Fold, the uPVC industry now offers every homeowner a frame option that suits their house perfectly.

On top of all these design choices, our installer network also offer a wide variety of glass types, so that each window and door can serve its purpose, as well as fit in aesthetically.

Colours and textures

Here at the Double Glazing Network we understand the importance of having a variety of options when selecting your dream windows and doors.

Today’s design-conscious homeowner can have all the benefits of uPVC delivered in a wide range of colours and textures – proving popular with the refurbishment of older houses where preserving the appearance is key. Whatever your preference, with uPVC you can get the look of traditional timber frames, without the cost and maintenance or perhaps more contemporary foil, such as smooth anthracite, to help give your home a more unique feel.

Whatever your preference, our massive network of installers can help upgrade your house via custom uPVC window and door frames. Find your nearest installer now!

Why you should choose Liniar uPVC frames for your home

The many benefits of uPVC windows can often make it hard to choose between the numerous manufacturers. One provider may claim to be the most secure while another might claim to be the most energy-efficient, forcing you to prioritise one benefit above another.

Recognising the need to provide homeowners with an all-round product that has no shortfalls, Liniar has developed a uPVC window system that will provide your home with the complete solution.

So why choose Liniar uPVC frames for your home?

Read on to discover the reasons we recommend Liniar uPVC frames to all homeowners looking to have total peace of mind.


Whenever we speak to homeowners looking to buy uPVC, a priority that always ranks highly is the security of the frame itself. As you can imagine, windows are one of the easiest entry-points to the home, which is why we take window security so seriously.

Liniar have built a great reputation for the security of their frames, which is why they are our top-recommended manufacturer. As a Secured by Design-accredited manufacturer, the build of Liniar’s frames is second-to-none and assures homeowners that they needn’t worry about their window frame compromising the security of their home.

Thermal efficiency

While energy-efficiency ratings can be confusing, the simplest way at looking at them is; the higher the efficiency rating, the better the window frame will be at retaining heat inside your home.

uPVC is known for being a low conductor of heat, therefore retaining warmth better than other window frame types – this is boosted by the inclusion of multiple chambers within the frame itself.

Liniar boasts a fantastic energy efficiency rating and in fact holds the most thermally-efficient 70mm window system on the market. They’ve achieved this by designed a custom system from scratch, which calls on a number of inimitable components.

A multi-chambered frame locks in pockets of warm air, which goes a long way to creating a barrier between the indoor and outdoor temperatures.  Liniar’s patented, double-action ‘bubble’ gaskets maintain a tight weather seal that also act as a gatekeeper to the exterior weather, ensuring no cold comes in. On top of all this, their unique ‘glazing flipper’ gasket reduces noise pollution and cold transfer, ensuring their system goes one further than any manufacturer aiming only to achieve great thermal efficiency.  All these components come together to create one of the highest-quality window frames on the market.

With energy bills seemingly only to increase, the energy efficiency of homes is a more important issue than ever – you can read our article explaining energy efficiency ratings here.


uPVC has proven to be one of the most environmentally-friendly materials for use on windows and doors.

Using Liniar uPVC, you can rest assured that your home is having a positive impact on the planet.

Outside of their fantastic energy efficiency rating (meaning that your home will let out less heat and therefore contribute less to global warming), Liniar’s frames are all manufactured lead-free and inside the UK.

Not only does this cut Liniar’s carbon footprint, but because they’re made completely out of recyclable material, it also means that anyone who owns a Liniar window frame can recycle it hassle-free once it’s come to the end of its life.


Last but not least is Liniar’s ability to be easily customised.

Other than having custom-made frames made of a specific material (and therefore sacrificing the many benefits that uPVC brings), it’s hard to find a supplier that gives you the ability to have a completely custom colour, texture or design.

Many uPVC manufacturers claim to have a highly-customisable frame, however only offer a small selection of window types – or even worse, offering high customisability at the cost of a good uPVC frame.

Liniar’s custom colour/texture choice trumps the majority of other providers, whilst never a step back in their mission to provide great designs and other benefits. Using our quotebuilder tool, you can build your own custom Liniar uPVC window frame and see their extensive level of custom features yourself.

All in all, Liniar uPVC frames tick all the boxes that homeowners have when deciding on a window frame. Their systems are known throughout Europe as the gold-standard, which is why we’re so keen to help our customers find them.

You can find your nearest Liniar installer by using our handy installer search tool.