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Liniar Windows

A uPVC window from Liniar is recognised as the industry-leader uPVC window design. Their innovative and intelligent design has proved itself to offer standards of quality that are unattainable anywhere else, and are the smartest choice for any homeowner.

Liniar was established by some of the most forward-thinking and knowledgeable designers in the industry, who totalled more than 500 years of experience between them. Revolving around research, development and design, the Liniar uPVC profile continues to push the boundaries of quality.

The Perfect uPVC Window Profile


Consisting completely of British engineering, Liniar uPVC windows only use the highest quality uPVC available. Not only are these uPVC window built to last, but they also consist of high levels of inherent security. The quality of uPVC has an inherent robustness and rigidity, that is greatly resilient to force.

Internal structures are fitted inside all Liniar uPVC windows in order to allow for integrated reinforcement. Not only does this greatly increase window profile strength, it also means that you won’t need to invest in any costly steel reinforcement.

Due to their fantastic design, structural integrity and longevity are assured. All Liniar profiles are accompanied with a 10-year guarantee, which covers you against cracking, warping or discolouration from the date of installation. All Liniar products are built to last.

Every uPVC window from Liniar is fitted with the world-class locking system from Yale. These locking systems combine a myriad of features to achieve a level of security that is completely unrivalled in every way.

Thermal Efficiency

We all know how comforting a warm home can be on a cold winter’s day, and this brought to you by the heat retention of your home. Liniar uPVC windows.

All Liniar uPVC windows are fitted with size-optimised chambers that break up mini-convection currents and trap in pockets of warm air. This results in a greatly reduced level of heat transfer and therefore keeps your heating inside where you pay for it to be.

They also feature a unique ‘glazing flipper’ gasket, which greatly reduces cold transfer, water ingress and noise pollution. This not only maintains a high level of thermal efficiency, it also maintains the quality and comfort of your home.

All Liniar uPVC windows effortlessly achieve an exceptional WER of A+, which is a fantastic illustration of the standard of thermal efficiency that they achieve. Liniar uPVC windows simply offer more.


Modern innovation means that all Liniar uPVC windows feature specially designed profile contours, which maximise natural drainage. This prevents moisture from building up on your windows and compromising performance and structural integrity.

The unique ‘glazing flipper’ gasket that is present in all Liniar uPVC windows ensures that all windows maintain tight weather seals. This means that your home won’t suffer from leaks, draughts or escaping heat.

Liniar uPVC windows cover you throughout and ensure high levels of performance across the board.

Liniar uPVC Window Styles

Casement Windows

Liniar Casement Windows are often referred to as the ‘ultimate window’. They are stylish, secure and energy efficient, and have proven themselves to be a classic and practical addition to any and all homes that they are installed in.

To ensure performance and longevity throughout, all Liniar Casement Windows contain durable hardware, which has been tested to 20,000 cycles and Stay Guard Elite hinges that can easily withstand twice the force required by Secured by Design testing.

A beautiful casement window aesthetic is guaranteed via a simple, sophisticated chamfered rebate that offers a contemporary look. All casement windows also display ultra slim sightlines, which not only allow for a larger area of visible glass, they also provide more light and enhanced views.

Casement uPVC Window

Offering protection against any would-be intruders and adverse weather, all casement windows are fitted with Yale locking systems and can achieve a WER of A+. Get the best, with a Liniar uPVC window.

Bay and Bow Windows

Liniar Bay and Bow windows are a fantastic way to bring a sense of grandeur to any home, whilst simultaneously enhancing views and space. The beauty of Liniar Bay and Bow Windows is a wonderful way to add character to any home.

In order to secure a consistent look, Liniar Bay and Bow windows can be fitted with additional ‘dummy sashes’ in order to create equal sightlines.  This not only enhances the look of your home, but it also means that you’ll enjoy equal glass area, and therefore increased natural light.

Although they are grand in design, Liniar Bay and Bow windows can be fitted with structural bay poles. These can be carried through the cill onto a hidden bearing plate, which in turn allows it to completely support any structural loads.

Upholding all exceptional standards that Liniar achieves, Bay and Bow windows offer unbeatable standards of security, thermal efficiency and security.

Flush Sash Windows

Liniar Flush Sash Windows are attractive, low maintenance and thermally efficiency alternative to their traditional timber counterpart. They are perfectly designed to replicate the old, whilst giving access to all the benefits of modern innovation.

Their beautiful aesthetic is inspired by traditional timber joinery, with the frame and the sash sitting flush when closed. This allows them to fit seamlessly into both period and contemporary properties. Whatever the style, these uPVC Flush Sash Windows are sure to be a beautiful addition.

Although they capture the traditional timber look, Flush Sash Windows contain none of the maintenance headaches. Thanks to the innate low maintenance qualities of uPVC, you’ll never need to sand, treat or repaint them.

The combination of Liniar’s multi-chambered profile, and the world-class locking system from Yale ensures that a Liniar uPVC Flush Sash Windows is sure to have you fully protected against any attempted break-ins and any adverse weather.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Liniar Tilt and Turn Windows are a versatile, attractive and functional option for any homeowner who is looking for a uPVC window that upholds a wonderful aesthetic whilst offering home enhancing multi-functionality.

The signature of a tilt and turn window is it’s convenient ‘tilt only’ function, this is a feature that allows for additional ventilation without compromising on security. This means that you can increase airflow without sacrificing the safety of your loved ones.

In order to maintain the beautiful European aesthetic that consists of crisp, concise detailing, all hardware that enables the tilt and turn window to operate is concealed. This also greatly increases security, as it eliminates easy access to anything that might compromise structural integrity.

Functional, safe and thermally efficient, all Tilt and Turn windows are fitted with Yale locking systems and achieve an exceptional WER of A+.

Sliding Sash Windows

An instant modern classic, Liniar Sliding Sash Windows capture a beautiful traditional look without missing out on all the industry-leading benefits that the Liniar profile brings. They allow any homeowners to maintain a period look, without any of the out-of-date setbacks.

Original timber windows were normally heavy and cumbersome to operate, thanks to a contemporary and intelligently designed spring balance mechanism Liniar Sliding Sash Windows are able to offset the weight of the sash, and result in effortless operation.

With fitted restrictors, Yale locking systems and a thermally efficient profile, Liniar Sliding Sash Windows offer protection across the board, eliminating the possibly for trapped fingers, break-ins and a cold home in the winter.

Sash Horn Windows

Liniar Sash Horn Windows are a refined alternative to sliding sash windows, they perfectly capture the period style of a sliding sash window whilst maintaining the functionality of a casement window.  This means that you get traditional looks, with a modern operation.

This traditional aesthetic is captured by beautifully integrated horns; which are single pieces of uPVC that offer a better appearance than often obvious screw-on alternatives. All sash horn windows undergo stringent hand finishing for an unbeatable level of product quality.

Featuring a high-security shootbolt from Yale, as well as superior weather sealing, all Liniar sash horn windows achieve fantastic levels of home security and thermal efficiency.

French Casement Windows

Liniar French Casement Windows allow all homeowners to add a cultural element to their home. These windows effortlessly open up your property and offer many unique benefits. Get a wider view, with Liniar French Casement Windows.

In order to achieve a completely unrestricted view, French casement window feature a flying mullion. This means that when opened fully, one sash carries mullion and leaves the opening free from any fixtures.

The sashes present in French casement windows are able to be opened a full 90°, which allows for a greater feeling of space, and lets in more natural light. It also allows you to use these windows as a fire escape in all habitable rooms.

Liniar French casement windows offer unbeatable levels of security, durability and thermal efficiency. They won’t let you down.

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