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Conservatory Cost Calculator

Conservatories are a fantastic way of adding an extension to your home that delivers more living space. They are suitable for both the warmer and colder periods of the year, make them an all-year-round extension.

But they’re also a large investment.

Cost of conservatories

That’s why we have created an online conservatory cost calculator that allows you to design your perfect conservatory online and then receive an online price of how much the conservatory will cost.

Compare conservatory prices

Even better, we are able to compare the price of your conservatory against 3 local double glazing companies near you, so you know whether you’re getting a good price.

All the prices you see are based on double glazing companies that are located near to you. As part of this, we will show you:

  • Where they’re located and how near they are to you
  • Reviews from previous customers
  • Contact details

Conservatory styles

Conservatories can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your home. Whether you’re looking to stick to a particular style, or go for something a little more bespoke, our online price calculator is able to accommodate you accordingly.

Here are just some of the styles you can choose from.

Lean To Conservatory

If your home is designed around minimalism, a Lean To conservatory could be a great addition to your home.

Known for its minimalism and simple looks, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful new room to your home that’s great for hosting social events at home.

Fitting a Lean To conservatory with uPVC patio doors or bifold doors can help to create a more open outside space.

Use our online lean to conservatory cost calculator to see how much it will cost and compare local prices.

Edwardian conservatory

How do you tell that it’s an Edwardian conservatory? Well, Edwardian conservatories have a distinct pointed roof.

The pointed roof is embedded in the design to create the illusion of extra space, making it feel a little bit like the Tardis from Doctor Who.

Gable-End conservatory

Gable-End conservatories are designed to deliver the maximum amount of space, whilst letting in a large amount of natural light.

With the additional space, a Gable-End conservatory provides plenty of room for planning the interior and getting things exactly how you want them.

P Shaped conservatory

A P-Shaped conservatory gets its names, well, from its shape. This conservatory comes in the shape of the letter ‘P’ and, as with the Gable-End conservatory, is designed to bring a lot of additional space to your home.

Victorian conservatory

If you’re wanting something that looks a little bit more traditional, but still brings the modernised elements such as energy efficiency, then a Victorian conservatory could be the right fit for your home.

It brings traditional aesthetics with modern features.

Do you have any questions about the costs of conservatories?

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory?

Conservatories fall under Permitted Development Rights, meaning that in most cases, you may not need to seek permission. But there are some circumstances where you may need to apply for planning permission to have a conservatory installed.

You can find out more about planning permission for conservatories here.

Will my conservatory get too hot in the Summer? How can I stop my conservatory from overheating?

Like any room in your house, if it isn’t set up right, it could get too hot in the Summer. But there are ways of keeping a conservatory cool, thus preventing it overheating, and keeping it a comfortable room to use all-year-round.

Here is a guide on stopping a conservatory from overheating.

What’s the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

Generally speaking, an orangery will use more brickwork or timber than that of a conservatory. With a conservatory being more of a glass structure. Here’s a guide that explains the difference between an orangery and a conservatory.

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