Work from Home Office Ideas

7 August 2020

The number of people working from home rose sharply at the height of restrictions in the UK to deal with the Coronavirus, with a peak of around 50% of employees working remotely.

But thinking more long-term, a survey has suggested that people want to work from home on a more permanent basis.

The problem is that most people don’t have the appropriate space or setup to work from home long-term. Having dogs barking, kids shouting, and other distractions in the background of conference calls might have been excusable on a short-term basis, it’s probably less-so if the home becomes a permanent working environment.

That’s why we have put together a list of some of our top work from home office ideas, so that you can get inspiration on how to create your own, unique home working environment.

Let’s get right into it.

Garden offices

Garden offers have been increasingly popular over the last few months, with people opting to invest in a separate space away from their home, in the garden, as a quiet place of work.

Garden Office on Google Trends
Credit to Google Trends

With a garden office, you have a secluded environment from which you can work or relax, often fitted with electrical sockets, USB ports, and even being insulated, so that it is suitable all-year-round.

Much like with your windows and doors, a garden office can also be customised to suit your needs. From style to colour, you can make your own office your dream office.


For some, garden space might be limited, meaning that a garden office isn’t suitable. But conservatories are a common occurrence amongst homes in the UK, and even for those that don’t currently have a conservatory, are relatively worthwhile investing in.

Whilst not acting as a separate space away from  the home, a conservatory can still be an adequate place to work.

It encourages you to get out of bed, rather than working with your laptop sat on your knee, and can be set up as a working environment without affecting the main rooms of your home. This can allow for a complete desk setup to be put in place.

The bedroom or a spare room

This might seem like an odd one. And no, we don’t mean staying in bed all day!

The bedroom, assuming you have a large enough space, can be adapted to house an at-home office. Half of the bedroom can be retained for its bedroom purposes, whilst the other half can be used as an office space.

Even better, if you happen to have a spare room in your home, then a spare room will allow you to have a dedicated office space at home, making sure you stay out of bed.

Whichever way you decide to set up your home office, make sure you take into account any distractions that may take place – particularly when on a conference call.

If you are interested in a garden office or a conservatory, we list a number of local companies who can assist with the installation. Find a local company online.