Broken uPVC Door Lock Mechanism: How to open the door

9 April 2020

It can be quite a scary thought when your front or back doors stop locking correctly.

Especially if you can’t get a locksmith to come out to fix your broken door, you may have to be stuck in your home until you can get someone out to fix your door.

So what can you do if your uPVC doors’ locking mechanism is broken?

We’ll be giving you some household tips in this article to help you fix the broken lock on your uPVC door, including:

  • Faulty door handle
  • Broken gearbox
  • Replacing your front or back door

Faulty Door Handle

First, take a look at the door handle itself, does it feel unusually loose? Perhaps the issue is easier to fix than you may have originally thought.

To fix this you need to find the ‘barrel’ part of your lock. This is found where your indent for your key is.

So all you would need to do is find the screw that holds the barrel of the lock in place and tighten it. This will tighten the loose door handle and if done correctly, your uPVC door should be locking correctly and working again with no issues.

Broken Gearbox

The gearbox is an essential part of the locking mechanism found in the door. This can be quite complex to fix or replace as it really depends on the type of door and manufacturer.

In order to find the manufacturer you would need to find the logo of the company. This is usually found on the lock or door itself. So take a good look to find it. Alternatively, you can ask the company who installed your door to let you know who the manufacturer is.

The way to find out if it is indeed a broken or faulty gearbox is by putting your key in the door and turning it as you normally would. If you hear a clicking sound, then that means the barrel is more than likely not the issue and is fine, the issue would more than likely be the gearbox.

Borken uPVC door lock mechanism
Fixing a door lock mechanism

Replacing Your Front or Back Door

Once you’ve identified that the gearbox is the issue, you need to take the old gearbox out to replace the new one. 

And for people who don’t know what they’re doing, this can be a very complex task.

A locksmith should be able to easily fix your new gearbox in your door. But the cost in sourcing a new gearbox, hiring an electrician and paying labor fees, it all adds up to the point where it could be quite costly.

And in that sense, you may just want to consider replacing your current door with a brand new front or back door.

Especially if your uPVC door lock mechanism is sticking, it’s usually down to the fact that you have an old door which needs replacing.

New doors come with the latest in locking mechanism technology and perform at a high level and with the advancements in locking, you’re more than likely not going to be locked in or out of your house anytime soon. 

Furthermore, because the door will be brand new, so will the lock. Over time locks do deteriorate due to hard wear and tear, especially if you’ve had your door for more than 20-30 years.

All in all, it may be time to look at replacing your old door for a new one.

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