Tips For Creating The Perfect Home Office

21 December 2022

It’s possible that the days of getting up early, dressing, and going to work are over forever. It’s become clear that our homes aren’t particularly designed for working from home as companies continue to feel more at ease with people working remotely.

Thankfully, our homes are flexible, so with a little shopping and effort, we can convert practically any area into a home office.

The Room

You should look for a location in your house that has the most room available. Although you don’t have to need a whole room for remote work, you should try to select a spot with enough room for a desk, a few accessories, and a chair.

Try to choose a location that also provides you easy access because it won’t take long for you to become frustrated manoeuvring around existing furniture to sit down at your workstation. Also, pay attention to the foot traffic. It might not be the ideal option if there’s a chance for frequent impromptu people or loud movements.

The Desk

Standing desks can be a fantastic way to get circulating during the day and yet function as a regular desk. They come in a range of sizes, and most are turned on or off by pushing a button or a manual crank handle.

Look into standing desk mats if you decide to use the standing method. In addition to feeling soft and comfortable under your feet, many of them have interesting terrain features that you can experiment with while standing, reducing the likelihood of becoming tired.

Of course, the actual workstation itself is the most crucial component of your desk. Make sure you have an adequate surface area to use whatever you need comfortably, whether you stand or sit.

Screenshot 2022 12 21 at 19.31.22

The Chair

You’ll probably spend most of your time seated at whatever desk you choose. Spend some time sitting in several sizes and designs of chairs if you get the chance to test them out in person to see which suits your body type the best. Make sure to read as many reviews as you can if you can only locate one online.

There’s a seat for everyone out there. Find something with additional padding if your lower back needs support. A tall-backed chair is definitely better if you are taller. This is a wonderful place to start if you’re just beginning a home office renovation.

Screenshot 2022 12 21 at 19.32.04

The Accessories

There is no reason not to feel relaxed if you plan to work from home. Choose items that make you happy, such as a wastebasket that complements the décor, a personalised pencil cup with a family portrait, or a calendar in your favourite colour.

When you’re enduring an afternoon of meetings, the correct accessories might make all the difference.

The View

For those who can, giving yourself a great view is definitely a plus. The alternatives below are fantastic if you’re becoming serious about working from home and would like to add a new window or replace the one you currently have.

Screenshot 2022 12 21 at 19.32.30

Casement Windows Features

  • Clear view
  • Offer ventilation
  • Operate using a crank 
  • Don’t need two hands to operate
  • Suitable for hard-to-reach areas (behind a desk)
Screenshot 2022 12 21 at 19.32.53

Double Hung Features

  • Offer brilliant views
  • Can be opened for ventilation
  • Tilt in for easy cleaning
  • Available in various grid patterns

Sliding Windows Features

  • Similar to double hung
  • Slide left and right 
  • Very popular
  • Make great office windows

We hope this blog has helped give you inspiration for designing your dream home office. To find a local, high-standard window installer, use our network.