How To Stop Conservatories Getting Too Hot

11 February 2020

In the hot summer months, conservatories are the ideal place to spend most of the time to appreciate the hot weather and enjoy the sun shining in the day.

But if your conservatory has low energy ratings and isn’t energy-efficient, you may feel the effects of the heat.

In this guide we will look at ways in which you can keep your conservatory cool this summer;

  • Open The Windows
  • Buy Blinds
  • Air Conditioning
  • Invest in Conservatory Refurbishment

Open The Windows

It may seem like an obvious one but by opening the windows you can regulate airflow throughout the conservatory and into your home. Depending on whether or not there is a breeze.

If it’s too hot and humid, keeping your windows and doors shut might be a better option to stop hot air circulating around the conservatory.

So it’s best to judge the weather and act accordingly. Hot but with a cool breeze? Open up your home to the outside world! Humid and uncomfortable? It’s best to keep the windows and doors closed to keep any hot, humid air out of the conservatory.

Buy Blinds

A quick fix may simply be installing blinds internally to the conservatory to deflect any sunshine through the conservatory and keeping it cooler in the hotter days.

Whilst this may only be a temporary fix, it could prove to be a relatively cheap one and adds style and decor to your conservatory. So we wouldn’t rule out how effective this tip might be.

Air Conditioning

From a cheap, quick fix to an expensive one and air conditioning is something that could be quite costly but is almost guaranteed to work and keep you cool in the hot summer months.

There is an electric cost attached to this as well as purchasing it and installing it in the home. But once it works, you may be very thankful that you decided to invest in air conditioning as when the weather is very hot, it can be uncomfortable for all the family, having cool air being regulated by an aircon, may prove to be one of the best purchases you make to keep your conservatory cool.

Invest in Conservatory Refurbishment

Depending on how long it has been since you had your conservatory installed, energy efficiency ratings may have improved over the years, to the point that you may want to consider having your conservatory refurbished.

Having a roof replacement may help improve energy efficiency within your conservatory and would be a better, long term fix that may not need to be looked at again.

So it’s worth considering having a local installer, come out to assess your conservatory and give advice.Or you can simply find an installer online near you and receive a free, no-obligation quote to get an idea of how much conservatory refurbishment may cost, specifically a conservatory roof replacement.