How To Prepare Your Gutters for Autumn and Winter

20 October 2020

The long nights and the summer sun has gone and autumn is officially here. 

With the harsh weather conditions and the temperatures dropping, it’s time to ready your home for autumn and winter. 

However, our gutters usually get neglected. 

A clogged or leaking gutter can overflow with water finding its way into your home. This is the last thing you need. 

So what can you do to prepare your gutters these winter months? 

Our team has compiled a list of a few precautions you can take to prepare your gutters this autumn and winter. 

Some quick ways to ready your gutters for autumn and winter include:

  • Deep clean your gutters
  • Inspect your gutters
  • Repair damage to gutters
  • Trim any branches
  • Add gutter guards

Preparing your gutters for autumn and winter 

  1. Deep clean your gutters

It’s surprising how clogged your guttering can get. 

This is why giving your gutters a thorough clean should be on the top of your to-do list. 

Climb up a ladder and get your hands dirty, clearing your gutters of any leaves and debris. 

You can go one step further and fill a bucket with warm soapy water and clean down your gutters with a sponge or even use a high-pressure hose to spray them down. 

  1. Inspect your gutters

Now your gutter looks as good as new, the next thing you should do is inspect your gutter for any damages. 

Things to look out for include: loose screws, cracks, leaks, and uneven guttering. 

Make a note of any warning signs or repairs that need addressing immediately. 

  1. Repair any damages 

After inspecting your gutter, you may have noticed damages that need repairing. 

Repairing your gutter now means that you go into the unforgiving months strong and saves you money long term if anything were to go wrong. 

  1. Trim back the branches 

Do you have tree branches that hang over your roof or gutter? 

Trimming back the branches can help prevent leaves and other debris from falling in your gutter and clogging it up. 

  1. Install gutter guards 

Installing gutter guards is a low maintenance option that protects your gutters from leaves and debris,  allowing water to flow freely. 

  1. Call in the professionals 

Sometimes the damage has already been done to your gutter and it’s time to call the professionals to take a look. 

If your gutter is severely damaged, your best option may be an entirely new gutter. 

This a more expensive option but with the demands of autumn and winter on your gutter, your gutter may be one downpour away from costly damage to your gutter and your home. 

Replacing your gutter now can help avoid extra damage not only to your gutter but also to your home. 

Repairing and replacing your gutter 

With winter around the corner, it’s best to complete any repairs or replace your gutter while you can. 

But before you do, it is essential that you choose a qualified professional to carry out any work. 

By choosing a DGN member, you can be confident that you are getting a service that you can trust. If you’re looking to repair or replace your gutter, use our online installer search tool to find a gutter professional near you who can advise you on the best option for your gutter repair.