How To Create More Space In Your Home

19 October 2022

If you have a small house or simply one without ideal places to organise and store your stuff, it is still possible to make it seem more spacious. You just need to learn how to work with the space you already have.

Here are tips and tricks for how to make extra space in your home:


Eliminating unnecessary items is the first step in creating the effect of more space in your home. After all, decluttering is the best way to have organised and maximised storage, which is necessary to avoid that cramped and messy feeling in your home.

There are many justifications for decluttering. You’ll spend less time looking for things and be less likely to buy duplicates due to not realising (or being unable to locate) that you already own a particular item.

Made to measure

Storage solutions should be convenient to use and snugly fit the available space. By blocking off spaces that might otherwise be used for storage, they shouldn’t create wasted space. If you intend to stack or arrange various storage items side by side, be careful to avoid unintentionally leaving empty spaces between them.


Never undervalue the space at your feet or in the space above your head. They make excellent storage locations for out-of-season, festive, and rarely-used items. Building storage space in a small house is made possible by thinking vertically. Although you might not already have them, vertical storage solutions are simple to make/have installed.

Smart windows

If you want to give the illusion that a smaller room is larger, space-saving windows are a great idea. Tilt and turn windows are an excellent example of space-efficient windows because they allow ventilation while being locked in a partly open angle, meaning they don’t need to be fully open, but that is an option since they can be fully opened if desired. A second space-saving window design is the sliding sash window, which slides vertically rather than swinging open and taking up space.

We hope this blog post has inspired you with ideas on how you can optimise your home’s space. For more information regarding any windows or doors please get in touch with us.