How to Seal and Repair Casement Windows

30 September 2021

Casement windows are a beautiful addition to any home, but they can also be costly to repair and replace. The seal around the window can break down over time and cause leaks that lead to water damage in your house. This blog post will show you how to identify signs of casement window breakdown, as well as steps for repairing them!

You can identify a broken seal if the window becomes difficult to open and close. 

Casement Window Gears Sticking Together

This could be because of stiff gears due to lack of lubrication or excess dirt build-up, which will cause the window not to function correctly. The first step for repairing this issue is removing any debris that you can see around where the gears are sticking together. You could use a nail, tweezers or cotton swabs to lift out anything blocking them from moving freely again gently. 

After removing all visible traces, you should apply some grease (e.g., Vaseline or WD-40) onto both sides so they begin working smoothly again.

Casement Window Tracks

If your casement windows are not opening and closing properly, they could also be sticking due to dirt build-up within their tracks. Repeat the cleaning process outlined above in the window track system.

Stripped Handles on Casement Windows

Another common casement window problem happens when handles become stripped over time. The handle will need replacing, and it will sometimes be better to contact a professional, especially if it has become jammed or caused further damage to your window. However, it can be possible to repair this yourself if you can get the same sort of replacement crank. To do this:

Open the window until the wheel of the crank arm aligns with the notched opening in the track. Take the wheel out of the track. Remove any window trim. Remove the crank. Replace the crank but be careful to buy the exact same size. Attach the new crank to the window in the same spot where you removed the old crank.

Looking for a repair or replacement casement window? Use our online tool to find a window installer near you.