How Long Do uPVC Windows Last?

29 November 2021

We all want our property to look its best, and the condition of your windows is a surefire way to know if you are achieving that goal. If you have uPVC windows, they will last for years and years if they are in good shape. This article discusses how long uPVC windows last and what factors contribute to their longevity. Read on for more information!

uPVC Windows Last Longer Than Timber Windows

uPVC windows last longer than timber windows for several reasons. When compared to other materials, uPVC is robust and durable due to the properties of its material. uPVC is not susceptible to water damage the way timber windows are. uPVC does not rot or warp, and it can withstand blistering heat without warping, melting, or burning.

uPVC Windows Last Longer Than Aluminium Windows

Why do uPVC windows last longer than aluminium window frames? They have several different properties that contribute to their longevity. As described above, uPVC windows are solid and resistant to warping or damage from heat. Aluminium window frames can warp when exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods, which causes the structure to misalign.

How long will a uPVC window last?

uPVC windows last a long time, around 20 years if they are appropriately cared for and maintained. If you have uPVC window frames, there is no reason to be concerned about their lifespan! Just make sure that the frames are in good shape when they arrive on your property so any damage can be assessed before installation takes place. You should always look for an experienced installer, as they will know how to install your uPVC window frames properly. An inexperienced installer can cause damage that reduces the lifespan of your uPVC windows.

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