Your Double Glazing Questions Answered During The Lockdown

It’s hard not to talk about the elephant in the room at the moment which is, of course, Covid-19 or the Coronavirus as it’s also known as.

A lot of businesses, especially double glazing companies, have been forced to cease trading temporarily as the nation has been thrust into lockdown to try and slow down this pandemic.

Many of you may have been in the middle of having a brand new door fitted or windows for your home and then suddenly, businesses were forced to close, the majority of the public being forced to only travel where it is essential and stay home and protect the NHS.

  • But what happens to the money you’ve paid, for a brand new door, windows or conservatory?
  • What happens if you’re in the middle of an installation? 
  • Will work still go ahead as originally planned or will the installation dates be changed?
  • Should you still plan for home improvements to be made during the Summer or delay them?

We hope to answer these questions we’ve been receiving from concerned homeowners, to shed some light on the situation and to hopefully, put you at ease.

Q: What happens to the money you’ve paid for a brand new door, windows or conservatory?

We would strongly advise speaking to the double glazing company who you chose to install your windows, door and/or conservatory with.

More than likely  they’ll arrange a new installation date or be able to provide additional options to suit your specific circumstances.

Q: What happens if you’re in the middle of an installation?

If you’re in the middle of a job, the double glazing company should’ve finished the job to make sure your home is up and running.

After all, they cannot leave you without windows or a front door!

But in all seriousness, any jobs that were partially complete, should’ve been completed before the staff of the company went into lockdown.

If they haven’t, we would strongly advise contacting the double glazing company to see what can be done.

Alternatively, you could speak with the Double Glazing Ombudsman Scheme to see what their advice to you would be. This scheme is there to help customers and double glazing companies in times of uncertainty and any issues revolving around planned work. So it’s certainly worth contacting them for more information.

Q: Will work still go ahead as originally planned or will the installation dates be changed?

If your installation date for your brand new windows, doors and/or conservatory fell between March-May, more than likely and as you will know, the dates may have been re-arranged (this should have been agreed between you and the double glazing company).

But if your installation dates were in the Summer or Autumn months, then there’s a chance they could still go ahead! So don’t lose hope.

Again, we would strongly advise you to speak to your double glazing installer who will be able to give you more information on their plans as a business going forward and for your installation.

Q: Should you still plan for home improvements to be made during the Summer or delay them?

With the recent news of the Coronavirus starting to slow down here in the UK, there have also been discussions of potentially beginning to lift lockdown restrictions with a review planned for Thursday 7th May before the bank holiday which will be on Friday 8th May,

Therefore we truly believe that you should still continue to make and plan for home improvements to make during the Summer.

There are still many double glazing installers throughout the UK who are still operating in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s taking advantage of the online QuoteBuilder tool which most of our installers use, or even using video conferencing as a way to conduct appointments.

Either way, we would still recommend planning your home improvement project for this Summer. 

Plan for normality

The Coronavirus has been frightening to say the least, to hear of how many people have lost their lives and how many families across the world are suffering because of it.

But it’s important to continue to carry on as normal as possible, whilst obeying the advice given to the UK by the government, which is: stay home, save lives, protect the NHS.

However, for many of us, we’ve never stayed a great length of time in our homes as life happens (work, friends, family etc.) so now is the time when you may be noticing those cracks on your old front door, the window which has a draught and other issues with your home.
So why not take a look at our QuoteBuilder tool to look and design your brand new windows and doors online today and receive a free quote at the end of the process from a list of double glazing installers near you.