Installing dog and cat flaps in double glazing and glass doors

25 March 2021

Pets really do become part of the family. But there is one distinct difference – the fact that you don’t take your family members to the toilet or into the garden for a bit of exercise – usually.

Whether it’s a dog that seems to want the toilet non-stop, or a cat that is so fascinated with the outdoors it would prefer to spend all day outside, getting up all of the time to let your pets outside is not ideal, and can be extremely inconvenient.

Cute cat laying down

That’s where pet flaps come in. Dog or cat flaps are a great way to allow your pets the freedom to go into the garden whenever they please, without them having to disturb you.

But when thinking about having a pet flap fitted to your back door, you might have some questions about how much it costs to fit a cat flap, or about the safety aspect of a pet flap.

How much does it cost to have a cat flap or dog flap fitted to a door?

The dog or cat flap itself is generally relatively inexpensive, but there are some options to consider which will impact on the cost.

For a basic pet flap, the cost can be as low as £10.

However, if you’re looking for something a bit more secure, such as a dog or cat flap that only lets your pet in and keeps other animals out, then a microchip-detecting pet flap would set you back around £50 to £60.

This doesn’t include the costs of having someone fit the pet flap (unless, of course, you intend on fitting it yourself). Installing costs for a pet flap can vary wildly, depending on the type of door it is being fitted to and the size of the flap itself.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay at least £80 in total (£40 for materials and £40 for labour) for a small pet flap. On the other hand, a large pet flap can be as much as £220 on a standard back door (£100 materials, and £120 labour).

Secure cat or dog flap

A common concern shared amongst people looking to have a dog or cat flap fitted to their home is “How do I stop other cats or animals coming into my house?”, and it’s a fair question to ask.

Luckily, technology has advanced, and there are several dog or cat flaps that can detect microchips. So as long as your dog or cat is microchipped, you can record the number on the flap, and it will only unlock/open when it is your pet at the door, preventing other animals from getting into your house.