Does Triple Glazing Reduce Condensation?

29 November 2019
Updated 3 March 2021

Triple glazing offers many benefits and whilst double glazing still is the most popular window choice on the market due to its cost and versatility, triple glazing offers the same benefits and even more.

Adding a third pane of glass into the window means that cold air finds are eliminated even more so than in a double glazed window. Simply because the air has got further to travel.

This is why triple glazing is a great option for those wanting to greatly reduce draughts and save on energy costs.

In this article we’ll cover;

  • Why does condensation happen?
  • How to treat condensation?
  • Double glazing or triple glazing?

Why does condensation happen?

Condensation build-up on windows happen because oftentimes, the room is not heated to a temperature which acts as a barrier to the cold air from outside. This can often cause condensation to build-up around the frame of the window.

Rooms that are rarely used or have poor ventilation flow are usually the main culprits for condensation build-up.

But there are ways you can reduce the excess water.

How to treat condensation

If you find that condensation is occurring on your windows in one of your main rooms, it might be time to look into upgrading from single glazed windows, or even double glazed windows to triple glazed windows.

With the extra panel of glass, the cold air will be greatly reduced and in-turn will improve your overall heat retention within your home and as an effect of that, save energy costs on a monthly basis.

Where triple glazed windows can seem to be more expensive in some cases, seeing it as more of an investment – especially if you suffer from condensation build-up – can help make the decision seem more attractive.

Double glazing or triple glazing?

Double glazing offers a lot of benefits in terms of upgrading from single glazed windows, you will instantly notice the benefits of energy-saving costs, heat retention and even noise reduction.

And with the many different styles, colours and hardware accessories that can be modified to suit your home, double glazed windows can seem like a great choice, not only from a price perspective but a durability one too.

Triple glazed windows offer many of the same benefits but with even more assurance in quality and saving on energy costs.

Triple glazing also comes with the ability to modify frames, accessories and colours to create a bespoke window that’s right for your home.

But in terms of condensation, it’s hard to argue against triple glazing as the extra window pane adds an extra layer of protection against the cold air and for that reason alone, can be the better option between the two.

Looking to install triple glazing?

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