How to decorate your door for Christmas without damaging your door

29 October 2021

If you want to decorate your door for Christmas, but don’t want to damage it in the process, then this article is perfect for you! We will discuss different techniques that can be used as well as what materials are needed. There’s no need to worry about damaging your door when trying these simple and creative ideas! Get ready to get into the festive spirit!

Firstly, making sure decorations do not overheat is essential. Many decorations include lights and bulbs and even electric motors and wiring. If left on too long, these sorts of decorations can overheat. This can lead to warping paint on the door, leaving burn marks or even setting alight if your door is wooden. Set reminders to check on your decorations every hour when they are left on. When checking them, lookout for any signs of discolouration in the plastics, any warping, or smoke. Place the back of your hand near the electric parts and see if you can feel unusual levels of heat emanating from the decorations. If they are overheating, turn off the electrics to them, or turn them off if battery operated and let them cool down. Never leave them unattended in an empty house or on overnight.

One of the best ways to hang wreaths without damaging your door is to use over door hangers. This disperses the weight much more evenly and can help protect your door from being scratched. The type of wreath also matters. Opt for softer wreaths with no metal parts, or wreaths made from natural materials. These are less likely to scratch your door when taken up and down.

Do not use nails, double-sided tape or staples to affix your wreath. Removing these will damage your door further and leave unsightly marks, scruffs or even cracks.

Take care not to overload your door. We all love to use lots of decorations, but by using decorations too heavy for the door, you can scratch the door easily while you place them all on. You can also create strain on any hooks or attachments which can scratch or dent your door permanently.

There are many different decorations we like to use for our doors such as wreaths, fairy lights, baubles, ribbons, lanterns and figures. The type of decoration you choose can also affect how likely you are to damage your door. IF you want to be extra safe, stick to soft decorations like ribbons, or decorations made of natural materials such as real leaf wreaths.