Conservatory Lifetime: How long do conservatories last

9 April 2020
Updated 10 July 2020

Conservatories can last a lifetime if taken care of correctly and maintained properly.

Choosing the right frame, roof and style can all have an impact on how long your conservatory lasts for.

So how long do conservatories last for?

We’ll be taking a look at some of the ways in which you can extend the life of your conservatory and give you some simple tips that are cost-effective to increase the longevity of your conservatory.

Regardless of the type of frames, style or roof you choose, you can still prolong the lifetime of your conservatory using the advice outlined in this article.

Just by doing one or two of the tips will help, but altogether you could potentially increase the lifetime of your conservatory to last a lifetime.

Conservatory Styles

Choosing the right conservatory style can have an impact on how long your conservatory will last for. Whether you choose to go with a uPVC or aluminium conservatory can affect the longevity of your conservatory.

uPVC is often cheaper to buy and install but also deteriorate quicker than their aluminium counterpart.

Whereas aluminium conservatories will last longer but may be more costly upfront.

It really depends on the type of home you have, the style of conservatory you’re after and your budget.

What’s great about all our conservatories is that they’re highly energy-efficient, can save homeowners money on their energy bills and are stylish to suit both modern and classic homes.

Take a look at the conservatory styles online to see the different styles of conservatories available.

Conservatory Roofs

Having a tiled roof can extend the lifetime of your conservatory, not only are they low maintenance, but they’re also highly energy-efficient and create a more acoustic living space to allow for a quieter, relaxed environment where you can read a book or enjoy the sounds of your garden.

Installing a glass roof conservatory, whilst still a good option, is not quite as sustainable as tiled roof conservatories and may need more attention.

So we would highly recommend looking at installing a tiled roof on to your conservatory to boost sustainability.

tiled roof conservatory

Conservatory Doors

There are so many different conservatory door options available to choose from, bifold doors, french doors, patio doors, it can be quite difficult to decide on which one to go for.

Ultimately, you need to think about safety and security if that’s your priority. And that’s why aluminium doors would be our go-to option to install in conservatories.

Not only is the frame strong and durable, but they’re also safe and secure. 

Again, with many of the different options in this article, it comes down to your budget and style preferences.

Clean Your Conservatory

It may sound obvious but keeping your conservatory clean, ensures that the living space is welcoming and tidy. 

If you have a messy conservatory, it could potentially damage your mental health, especially if the reason you’re going to the conservatory is to relax and escape any real-world worries you may have.

So it’s important to keep cleaning your conservatory, it will also decrease any build-up of mould from condensation, decrease the build-up of dirt and dust and overall keep the conservatory fresh.

Conservatory Maintenance 

As with cleaning, it’s important to stay on top of any repairs that need carrying out. Is the door handle to your conservatory loose? Try investigating what the issue could be and tighten the handle.

Any cracking or warping of your conservatory? Consider getting a professional double glazing installer to come and make repairs, whilst this may be an upfront cost, it will no doubt be much cheaper than if you were to leave it, effectively risking the chance of your conservatory not lasting as long as it should.

Many of our installers offer a guarantee with conservatories, so for any small issues, you’re covered for them to come out and make those repairs for you.

Conservatory Temperature

By keeping your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as you do with the rest of your house, you’re ensuring that your conservatory is operating normally. 

Too hot and you could end up damaging your conservatory, so it’s best to keep the conservatory ventilated with regular airflow. 

Too cold and you allow for condensation to build-up and if left unattended, this could cause a build-up of mould which could become a health concern if you’re spending a lot of time in your conservatory.

As with anything, it’s best to stay on top of it and by cleaning and maintaining your conservatory for 30 minutes a day, you could increase the longevity and sustainability of your conservatory to last a lifetime.

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