Why Your Home Needs A Sunroom

22 August 2022

Have you ever considered the best ways to increase the living area in your house or improve the comfort and enjoyment of your outdoor space all year long? Sunroom extensions are a beautiful, useful, and inexpensive option to increase the amount of living space in your home. They also provide a pleasant and lovely extension of your indoor living space with more natural sunlight and big windows that let you enjoy breathtaking outdoor views.

At the Double Glazing Network, we ensure that sunrooms come in a variety of types, from modern bespoke styles to traditional Victorian or Edwardian conservatories that may be tailored to match your daily living demands and budget, in order to maximise use.

A sunroom has the following five advantages in addition to being a beautiful and practical addition to your indoor living space:


A sunroom extension need not be limited to a place for indoor-outdoor entertainment and relaxation. You can design a room to suit your family’s requirements. For instance, make it into a spacious kitchen addition, opulent master bedroom, or effective office space. When your demands change, a sunroom makes it simple to adapt the area for new applications.


Installing a sunroom can be less expensive and quicker than adding a standard home addition. However, depending on your preferences, the price may increase if you include specific features and amenities.

Opportunities for Improvement: 

With today’s sunroom designs, you may fully outfit this outside space with all of the comforts and conveniences of an average indoor space, including HVAC systems and electrical installations.

Energy Efficiency:

Many more expensive sunrooms include high-quality windows and better, more effective insulation to increase efficiency throughout the house. You’ll use cooling and heating systems and interior energy far less frequently if you spend more time outside, which will lower your overall utility bills.

Added Home Value:

You may significantly boost your home’s value and give it unrivaled aesthetic appeal and convenience by installing a sunroom. This advantage is particularly important if you intend to sell your house in the future. With an average return on investment of almost 60%, sunroom expansions are among the best home value improvements that homeowners can do.

We hope this will help you make an informed decision on why your home needs a conservatory! To find out more contact us today!