3 Benefits of Triple Glazing

23 September 2019

With energy bills constantly on the rise, homeowners are (rightfully so) on the lookout for ways to not only cut the cost of their electricity and gas, but also to lower the amount of energy they use. As a result, homeowners are looking at every possible angle, even through their windows and doors.

Triple glazing is the next step up from double glazing. Providing a 3-layered approach to window glazing, it aims to trap more heat in the home, reducing the need for so much energy usage. But what are the benefits of triple glazing?

Some of the main benefits of triple glazing include:

  • Reduced heat loss
  • Trapping of more heat inside the property
  • Noise dampening

But there are also some downsides to triple glazing, such as the increase in cost when compared to double glazing, as well as the reduction of natural light that can enter the home.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of triple glazing in more detail.

Reduced heat loss

One of the main considerations when looking to upgrade windows or doors is the energy efficiency impact. Triple glazing can help to reduce heat loss due to the increased thickness and the extra layer in between the inside and outside. This helps keep heat energy within the property, meaning less energy needs to be used to keep the house warm.

Trapping of more heat inside the property

Similar to the above, triple glazing helps to trap heat inside the property. This is particularly helpful during the colder months when you need to keep the heat on for longer. It can provide that extra breathing space to turn the heat off for a bit, safe in the knowledge that the triple glazed windows are keeping more heat in the home for longer.

Noise dampening

If you live on a main road (or your street is just busy) then triple glazing can help to dampen noise from the outside. Likewise, if you have a noisy house with kids running around or enjoy music at high volume levels, then it can also help to reduce noise leaking outside.

For more information on triple glazing, take a look at our triple glazed windows page where we look at the key differences when comparing triple and double glazing.