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Replacing Your Windows

We have created a list below so that you know the signs you need to look for when your windows need replacing:

To avoid these complications in the future you should replace your windows with high-quality uPVC double glazing. Prices can range from around £400-£1500 depending on your requirements.

Like to see how much it is to replace your windows?

Staying Safe and Secure

We make sure that you and your family are safe by checking and testing all of our windows. Once we know they meet the high standards of Yale Security we happily provide our customers with our great service. With 10 years guarantee and shootbolt locking systems, you are protected against any type of forced entry.

Noise Reduction

Living next to busy roads, railway lines or other noise polluted areas can be frustrating – especially when you have singular glazed windows. Installing our quality windows can reduce the amount of noise pollution entering your home. It can be frustrating when your home is being infiltrated by the sound of busy roads and railway lines. However, with double glazed windows, you are able to reduce the amount of noise that enters due to the extra barrier of glass. The insulation between the two panes acts as a noise insulation.

Energy Efficient

With our A+14 windows, you can save money on your energy bills as all of our windows lock in the heat from the inside and prevent the cold air from getting in from the outside. All types of windows are weather resistant due to the latest uPVC technology.

Recyclable Material

We want to be more considerate with the ways we can help the earth. Therefore we made sure that all of our Linear uPVC profile windows are all 100% recyclable. No harmful materials and chemicals are and will be used in the making of our frames so that we can be more considerate to the planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to Install new uPVC Windows in Birmingham?

    The cost of installing new uPVC windows will depend on how many you need. Size, shape and type also will be taken into consideration.

    On average window prices can range from £200 – £1500. However, you can get a better understanding of how much a new window will cost you.

    Once your new window has been installed you can enjoy the benefits of increased energy efficiency.

  • What are the benefits of Double Glazed Windows?

    Designed to reduce heat loss in your homes and property, Double Glazed Windows will perform much better compared to traditional single glazing.

    You will feel much warmer in the winter months as the cold air is being prevented from seeping in. Therefore your heating bills will decrease so you can save money to use on items more important to you.

    If condensation is an issue you are currently facing with your windows then upgrading to Double Glazing can help reduce it. If left untreated, condensation will create moisture in the air and can lead to mould and mildew.

    Double Glazing windows can also increase the security of your home. The beautiful framed uPVC windows will deter intruders from trying to break in due to the Yale security systems.

  • Why is Double Glazing a good insulator?

    With Double Glazing you will be receiving an extra layer of protection because between the two glass panes is a small gap preventing the heat to transfer.

    Single glazed windows lack this benefit as they provide poor insulation. The reason for this is because glass is a great conductor of heat which causes it to be easy for it to escape your homes.

  • What are Double Glazed Windows

    Double Glazed Windows are a perfect choice if you are looking to keep your home energy efficient. Between the two panes of glass is a small gap that acts as an excellent insulator – keeping you warm in the winter months. Along with noise reduction, the added thermal resistance will prevent hot and cold air from entering your home.

    For better understanding, Double Glazed Windows make it a lot harder for the outside temperature to transfer through when your windows are closed.

  • Why does Double Glazing Windows provide better insulation?

    Double Glazing Windows are extremely energy efficient as they reduce the amount of heat lost in homes compared to single glazed windows. If you are currently experiencing draughts and cold spots from your windows then upgrading to double glazing ones will prevent this.

    When windows are not replaced older properties tend to have a lot of condensation build up. This will lead to a lot of problems like mould and mildew forming in the house. Double Glazing windows will reduce the amount of moisture forming on the inside of the window leaving you with a healthier atmosphere to live in.

  • How does Double Glazing work?

    Double Glazing Windows have two panes of glass with a small gap in the middle. As air is a poor conductor of heat this gap acts as an insulating barrier.

    Single glazed windows only have one pane of glass with no gap in the middle. As glass is a heat conductor there is a higher chance of heat escaping through the window.

    To save money and stay energy efficient it is wise to replace your old windows with high-quality uPVC double glazed windows. 

  • How long does Double Glazing Windows last?

    On average Double Glazed Windows can last around 20 years.

    With 10 years guarantee and Yale security, we provide extremely high-quality windows that will reduce the about of energy you use. With advanced uPVC technology, our windows will transform the look of your home instantly.

  • What are A Rated Windows?

    A+ Rated Windows are one of the most energy efficient windows in the market.

    Window Energy Ratings were introduced in 2004 to make it easier when comparing the energy efficiency of windows.

    The best measurement of Energy Efficiency is A Rated. G Rated is considered the worst, so we ensure all of our customers are receiving high quality windows.

    The rating is determined by the amount of energy the window loses over the course of a year. Want to find out more about energy Ratings?

  • How much do Sash Windows cost in Birmingham?

    Our Sash Windows consist of two vertically sliding frames and are available for both Double and Triple Glazing. With high quality energy efficient properties you can save money on your energy bills and keep warm in the winter.

    Sash Window prices can vary as it is all determined by your requirements. Prices can range from around £500-£1500.

    Want a better understanding of how much it will cost you? Use our quick and easy tool to get an online window quote.

  • Have any more questions?

    We love to hear from our customers! Please feel free to contact us.

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