Yale’s key benefits to your home’s security

8 May 2019
Updated 9 May 2019

Over the course of many years spent supplying high-quality uPVC doors, we’ve listened to homeowners to find out what their top priorities are.

To no one’s surprise: security always ranks very highly on their checklist when choosing a door.

This is why we’ve built relationships with market-leading suppliers and manufacturers, to ensure we offer unbeatable window and door security. We’ve found that supplying gold-standard products and hardware ensures all security concerns are dispelled, giving homeowners peace of mind following their purchase.

This article will make clear why Yale is our top-recommended lock system and show the difference it can make to your home’s security.

How to tell a good lock from a bad lock

The most standard lock system throughout the UK is the multi-point locking system.

This system essentially bolts the door into the frame and locks at more than one point, meaning that while your door is locked by one key turn, it’s actually got numerous safeguards to ensure that the door isn’t easily knocked through.

The Yale Lockmaster system, which offers numerous combinations of deadbolts and hooks, is able to be added to all of our uPVC doors, making them extremely secure; it’s no surprise that Lockmaster is Britain’s favourite lock!

The difference it can make to your home security

We know that a secure door results in a secure home, which is why we only recommend the best products and hardware to homeowners.

While there are many locks on the market, we always recommend Yale’s multi- lock product, as alternative locking systems can be much less secure. A more simplistic lock, such as the night latch for example, is bypassable by using a credit card, which is why we try to steer each and every customer towards the more complex Lockmaster system.

There is a 10-year mechanical guarantee helping you, as a homeowner, feel safer and more secure in your house. This means in the unlikely event that the lockmaster system does fail, your home and belongings will continue to be safe.

On top of this, as a Secured by Design-approved manufacturer, they make up part of the group that has seen a reduction in burglaries of up to 87% in new homes!

Does Yale fit my requirements?

Yale is the best-known lock manufacturer in the UK – if not the worldwide – for a reason. They’ve been at the front-end of lock innovation for years and have built a reputation for quality.

All of our standard doors are able to have Yale locks attached, giving unparalleled security to you and your home.

Using our online door quote tool, you can build your door specification from scratch and revel in the many hardware, design, colour, texture and glass options available, to ensure your door hits all your requirements!