What to consider when buying uPVC bi-folding doors

20 April 2018
Updated 23 May 2018

Due to the aesthetic value and ever improving functionality benchmarks, bi-fold doors have an become increasingly popular choice among homeowner as a prime choice for injecting new life into a home, which can increase desirability when selling.

If you’re currently considering installing bi-folding doors in your home, we’ve put together a few simple, key considerations to help you through the process.

Does budget have to dictate quality?

Price can often dictate quality when it comes to bi-folding doors like most products and quality should always be at the top of your checklist. You need to be sure that the door you’re purchasing meets high standards in security, energy efficiency and structural integrity as well as aesthetics. Whilst Aluminium doors have long been considered the best option when considering quality, the cost has remained a prohibitive factor to most homeowners.

uPVC doors have always been a cost effective alternative but have generally lacked some of the quality accolades associated with other materials in the past.

At DGN however, we supply doors at the forefront of advances in uPVC technology. Pioneering Liniar uPVC doors boast increased structural integrity, functionality and ever-improving energy efficiency ratings, which means they compete with materials that are conventionally far more expensive, whilst still offering amazingly low prices.

Make sure your investment is going to last

It can be easy to overlook guarantees when selecting a new door, always make sure to check how much coverage you get when you purchase your new doors and what that guarantee covers.

All DGN products come with a 10-year guarantee as well as a 10 year Yale guarantee, we partner with Yale exclusively because we only entrust our customers’ security to the best. Our products are also secured by design certified to ensure peace of mind.

Why uPVC could be the right choice for you

When it comes to the cheapest bi-folding door, uPVC has always offered the best price. If that was your only consideration, uPVC couldn’t be beaten. But what are the other benefits are there to ensure you’re getting quality for your money.

Improving standards in design

uPVC frames were often bulky in the past. Liniar bi-fold doors, however, feature sleek, thinner frames which allow more space for glass, improving your view, and retaining structural integrity throughout. Our hardware is concealed within our frames, including the Shootbolt locking systems which remove the need for keeps. Meaning less unnecessary frame size and increasing security.

Low maintenance

uPVC doors are your best choice when it comes to hassle-free usage. If you’re looking for a set of doors that do their job without needing constant care, PVCu doors are for you. They’ll never need a coat of paint and you won’t need to protect them from the elements like you will with wood or metal frames. Throw in a quick glass clean as needed and you’re set for the long haul.

Greater customizability

At DGN we offer a vast suite of customizability options across our entire product range and the Liniar uPVC bi-fold door is no exception. With an exhaustive selection of colour options for frame and hardware as well as glass and hardware style, you can always find a door that suits you and your home.

Did you know?

Government regulations require new builds and extensions to meet a required U-rating of 1.8W/m2K

When selecting a bi-fold door, always check for its U-value as this is how its energy efficiency is measured, unlike other doors and windows. The lower the number the better. We’re proud to say the Liniar uPVC bi-fold door touts an industry leading 1.3W/m2K rating.

If you’re looking to buy a new set of uPVC bi-fold doors, give us a call. Or find your local door fitter and create an online quote