What not to use when cleaning windows and doors

16 November 2018
Updated 18 November 2018

In a previous article, we discussed how to clean your conservatory and offered a few tips on how to get the best results.  In this article, we’re going to look at the things to avoid when cleaning windows and doors in order to prevent damage occurring or unsightly results from your cleaning.

Cleaning the Window or Door Frame

When cleaning windows and doors, product choice is vital:

Don’t: use abrasive pads, bleach, spirits or everyday household cleaning products such as spray foam. Abrasive pads will damage the fabric of the frame while cleaning products, many of which are corrosive can cause discolouring to the uPVC frames.

Do: Use soft cloths and warm water. With regular cleaning, this will be more than enough to keep your window and door frames looking spotless.

Cleaning the Hardware (Including Weather Strips)

Any damage to the hardware is likely to affect the proper function of your windows or doors. Regular maintenance is, therefore, key to keeping the mechanism effective.

Don’t: use regular oil or grease or non-specialised lubricants. These can leave residue and may also cause damage to the surrounding areas, including weather strips.

Do: Use machine oil. This can be sourced from any good DIY store.

Cleaning the Glass

There is nothing worse than the light on a sunny day being ruined by grimy double-glazing. However, improper cleaning technique can make the problem worse and may even damage the glass.

Don’t: Use abrasive pads or glass cleaners. Abrasive pads will likely cause irreparable damage to the glass, while glass cleaners may cause runoff which will cause damage to the frame.

Do:  Use warm water, a soft cloth and non-abrasive, non-alcoholic cleaners. With regular cleaning, this will be enough to keep your windows sparkling, with minimum effort.

When it comes to cleaning windows and doors, the key thing is to make it regular. The build-up of grime on the frames or glass will lead to a more intensive clean being required, in which case it is best to engage a professional, rather than resort to potentially damaging elbow grease. For more tips and advice on caring for your windows and doors, be sure to follow our blog. For a quote on new windows and doors, use our handy find an installer and quote builder tools.