What is the Most Secure Type of Door?

23 May 2023

The front door is the first thing that people will see of your home. It portrays your personality to visiting guests, braves harsh weather, but most importantly protects your home from intruders. At the forefront of your home, your front door is one of the most crucial elements of your home’s security.

As well as thermal efficiency and style, considering the amount of security that your front door can provide should be a crucial element of the purchasing process.

Security is one of the most important features that homeowners look for when purchasing a new property, and that includes front door security. So when you’re looking to upgrade your front door, it’s important to understand what different types are available, and what is going to be most suitable for your home’s security needs.

What is the most secure material for a front door?

Front doors come in all different shapes and sizes. Some homeowners might opt for glazed doors, where others might prefer solid panels. Whilst there are some styles that are more secure than others, it’s important to consider material when it comes to buying a secure front door.


Solid wood doors are not only a very luxurious alternative to other front doors, they also provide substantial security to your home. A timber door panel is made from solid wood, which provides a solid secure structure, as opposed to being made of different components that feature several points of vulnerability.

Timber doors also allow for additional security measures to be installed, including internal deadbolts and secure letterboxes.


As some of the most common doors across the UK, the security of uPVC doors has increased exponentially over the years. Readily accessible, affordable, and thermally efficient, uPVC doors are a go-to for most homeowners. 

Regardless of their low price point, uPVC doors are an excellent solution for home security. With thick profiles up to 70mm, uPVC doors are steady and sturdy. Installed with multi-locking points as standard, these are some of the most secure front doors on the market. Our uPVC residential doors come installed with Yale Lockmaster® multipoint locking to provide the most reassurance when it comes to home security.

With a lifespan of up to 35 years, a well-maintained uPVC door can provide incredible security to your home for many years to come.


Composite doors are made of a variety of high stability, durable materials. Including wood, metal, and PVC, a composite door core is highly durable, thermally efficient, and an affordable front door solution for many homeowners.

These materials are also great at braving harsh weather conditions, making a composite front door more durable than other doors like timber, which can warp and fade in harsh weather.

Front Door Security Systems

Now you’ve decided what material to choose for your new secure front door, make sure you consider what else might be necessary for your home. 

Toughened glazing

If you are opting for a door with glazing, look out for toughened glazing options. Compared to regular glazing, toughened glazing is more difficult to break and can withstand much more impact.

Fire doors

Fire doors are necessary for residential buildings. They provide a substantial amount of fire resistance, with the office FD rating which determines how long a fire door and sustain exposure to fire.

Long hinge screws

If your door is installed with short screws, opt for longer screws of around 4”. Longer screws provide structural integrity for your front door and can help protect against forced intrusion.