What is FENSA?

15 January 2020

What does FENSA stand for?

A lot of our clients have many accreditations and are backed by many bodies that offer out certificates and accreditations.

As a homeowner, this only adds to the trust and reputation of the brand that you ultimately want to work with to carry out any double glazing instalments into your home.

But there is one key accreditation that you may see on a regular basis, FENSA and we usually get asked what is FENSA? And what does FENSA stand for?

There are two ways this may be interpreted what is the literal meaning of the acronym FENSA and the other meaning which is, what does FENSA stand for as a regulatory body?

In this article, we aim to answer all questions circulating around FENSA and why it’s an important accreditation for a double glazing installer to have.

What is FENSA?

FENSA is an acronym which stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme.

What FENSA does is regulate large, medium and small building improvement companies, such as double glazing installers to make sure that they are meeting building regulations and staying on the right side of the government-backed law.

FENSA usually carry out checks to all building improvement companies in order to make sure they’re staying within requirements and to continue to attain the FENSA certification.

Failure to meet such regulations means that the company being inspected may lose their FENSA accreditation.

Why is FENSA important?

According to their website FENSA;

“FENSA’s mission is to improve window and door replacements across the UK, by professionalising installers and protecting homeowners.”

It’s a governing body that is for homeowners and is there to protect them against any type of fraud or mishap that happens on a job.

Therefore FENSA carries out continual checks for building improvement companies and double glazing installers to make sure they meet the standards set out by FENSA’s requirements.

How does this affect you?

It’s always good to make sure the double glazing installer you’re thinking about going within order to carry out any double glazing repairs or upgrades to your home, is FENSA certified. 

It gives homeowners the peace of mind that they’re a fully qualified company that have essentially been given the thumbs up to carry out work for homeowners and fall within FENSA standards and requirements.

If a company is not FENSA certified, you may want to look elsewhere for a double glazing quote and work.

You’ll find that most of our installers are all FENSA certified.

Take a look at our list and find your nearest double glazing installer to see what services and products they can offer.

Alternatively, get a free, no-obligation quote online and see a visual representation of the double glazing products you design to your bespoke specification.