uPVC windows and doors to make the most of summer

19 April 2019
Updated 13 June 2019

Winter seems to have been left in the distance, meaning that as a home owner, there’s now only one thing on your mind: how to best prepare for summer.

For many families, this means booking holidays and buying suncream; however, for those looking to get the most of summer whilst at home, the savvy purchase of uPVC windows or doors could be the key to spending their summer in a holiday villa (without leaving the house).

In this article we’ll review the benefits of investing in new windows and doors this summer, as well as recommending the best uPVC items that can lighten up your home during the summer months.


Windows and certain doors, such as patio and bi-fold, are key to allowing natural light into your house. A poorly-placed window can be a massive waste of money, while a well-placed one can greatly improve the amount of light coming into your home.

Going one step further, a broad window or patio door can open up your home to the outdoors, allowing fresh air to flow freely into your home. Unfortunately, this can also mean that your windows and doors are often the main source of cold entering the house in winter.

We believe homeowners shouldn’t have to choose between a house that feels either great in summer or warm in winter, which is why we recommend uPVC to consumers looking to have the best of both worlds.

Liniar, our chosen manufacturer, uses a patented design that traps pockets of air within the frame. This means that the uPVC door or window frame acts as its own form of climate control, keeping the cold out during winter and the cool air in during summer.

As a homeowner, you don’t need to compromise your priorities – you can have a great set of windows and doors all year round. Use our installer search to find an installer nearby to get your house ready for summer!

The products available

There are many different of products that can help bring summer into your home.

The perfect mix of accessibility and visibility comes in the form of the uPVC patio door. With no outward swing, patio doors are ideal at saving space. With their ultra-slim sight lines, our patio doors have a fantastic window to frame ratio, and therefore let in the maximum amount of light.

For those with more space available, a French door or a wide bi-fold door might be ideal.

Our Liniar bi-fold doors are the first of their kind to compete with the aluminium alternative. Much like our French and patio doors, our installers stock bi-folds with slim frames, meaning the maximum amount of light can pass through without impediment from the frame.

On top of these door products is the myriad of uPVC window options available. From casement to custom, our installers offer a great amount of choice to every homeowner looking to improve their house.

The final product that is ideal for optimising your home for summer, is a conservatory.

Having a uPVC conservatory installed, is perfect for a mixture of extending your home and welcoming in the sun. Not only do conservatories act as extra rooms in the winter, but offer the best possible access to the outdoors in the comfort of your own home. Gable-Ended conservatories in particular allow in a huge amount of light thanks to the high roof – something that comes atop the priorities list of many prospective buyers.

Using our quote builder tool, you can build an order to your exact specifications and tailor all designs, colours, textures and glass-styles to suit your home – use it today to find the perfect addition to your home in time for summer!