Choosing the perfect gateway to your garden

22 May 2019
Updated 17 August 2023

Summer is on its way, meaning the back garden will once more become habitable and the barbecues will soon get fired up! What better time then to revamp the entrance to your garden?

Not only does a specialist uPVC back door open up your home to the extra light that’ll soon be shining through, but it also affords your house the countless benefits of uPVC doors as a whole.

We’ve already covered the top 5 benefits of patio doors – this article will take a look at how to pick the right garden door and open your eyes to the many options available!

Why choose a quality door for the back of the house?

Choosing the door to your garden is no different to choosing any other door – selecting the wrong one could untie the room and turn out to be a long-term and expensive mistake.

This is why we believe that the choice of the back door is just as important as the choice for the front door. Fewer visitors will see the back door – that’s a given – but there’s no reason to neglect it; back doors contribute to the overall value of the house and can impact the rooms they inhabit greatly.

Clear-windowed French doors are a fairly irregular find as a front door because they allow for complete visibility into the house. However, as a back door, they not only let as much light as possible shine through but also act as a floor-to-ceiling window through which homeowners can see their garden.

Picking the right door requires much thought about the homeowner’s priorities.

If you’re short on space, a patio door can do wonders to allow in maximum light with minimum space required, as it slides laterally rather than opening out like a regular door. If you need a professional installer to help you decide on the viability of the space available, use our handy installer search function.

For those looking to open up their home to the summer air, bi-fold doors couldn’t be better suited. Acting as a massive window when closed and a missing wall when open, bi-fold doors give the owner a huge amount of flexibility when summer comes around!

These priorities are simply not achievable by installing a poor-quality, non-specialist door!

Protection from the outside

A common thought of doors with large amounts of glass is that they aren’t as secure as other doors. Luckily, our chosen frames for stable doors, french doors and bi-fold doors all come with Yale Lockmaster hardware, meaning the frame offers unparalleled security.

What’s more, uPVC frames are among the most energy-efficient frames that can be used for windows and doors. Using a number of high-quality gaskets, uPVC frames employ air pockets to not only insulate homes in winter but also go a long way to reducing noise pollution all year round.

Ensuring the door suits your home

Due to a massive amount of customisation possible on the products our manufacturers supply, you are able to tailor your new windows and doors to your exact specifications.

From the hardware and glass types to the colour and textures of the frame, you can make the door work exactly to the look of your home. Try our quotebuilder tool to see exactly how much you can customise the gateway to your garden!

If you’re looking for ideas on how the gateway to your garden could look, make sure to visit our inspirations page for a variety of uPVC window and door designs!