uPVC Door Repair Cost Guide: How much does it cost to repair uPVC doors

31 August 2021

Many people don’t think twice about the uPVC door in their home. But when problems start to arise, it can be a nightmare trying to find someone willing to carry out a uPVC door repair, especially at short notice. In this article, we’ll talk about uPVC door repairs, including how much it costs, and who you can call out if you need help.

What types of issues uPVC doors can experience

As with almost any type of door, uPVC doors can experience a number of issues from time-to-time, often due to wear-and-tear or accidental damage.

Some of the common issues we come across include:

  • Misalignment of the door
  • Double glazing blown or failed
  • Jammed/stuck or faulty door locks
  • Hinges wearing or becoming broken
  • Wobbly, hanging, or broken handles
  • Misted glass
  • Damaged, worn or broken seals
  • Door panels that have been scratched or dented

Costs for uPVC door repair

The cost for uPVC door repairs is based on a variety of factors. From the type of door you have, to what the exact problem is, how long it might take to fix, and if any additional materials are required for the repair. In addition, in some cases, a replacement of the door may be required, which can increase the cost more substantially.

But there are some general guidelines for how much a uPVC door repair might cost. Below we have shown a list of the common areas that may be in need of repair, and what you can expect to roughly pay in terms of material and labor (time).

uPVC door repair typeAverage cost
Door handle£100
Door seal£45
Door hinge£40
Painting external door£250
Door frame£250
Double glazed door unit£170
Half glass door£200
Full glass door£300

As you can see, most common repairs don’t cost all that much, which is partly why uPVC doors are good value for money, as the upkeep is minimal and, in the event something does go wrong, it won’t break the bank to put it right.

If you’re in need of a uPVC door repair, find a uPVC door repair service near you with our online tool.