How uPVC conservatories bring value all year round

15 May 2019
Updated 20 May 2019

As a homeowner you most probably try your best to ensure every room in your house is optimised to its full potential. Whether this means a garage conversion or renovating an attic room, but there is another option if you’re wanting to create more space in your home.

Over recent years the industry has seen a surge in the popularity of conservatories. They are a great investment to create a room that brings the indoors and outdoors together. However, many homeowners believe that a uPVC conservatory may be a great choice for summer, but less useful for colder months.

In this article, we’ll explore the many benefits conservatories can offer throughout the year and why they need to be considered more than just a summer room.

A year-round investment

During summer, conservatories can be a blessing for homeowners.

With 180° visibility, they allow huge amounts of light and heat to enter, while their large doors can also allow a cool breeze in.

With double glazing though, they can provide yourself and your family with additional space and functionality in the colder months. Acting as an alternative to an extension or a garage/attic conversion, conservatories are a highly accessible and affordable alternative to a large-scale project.

One of the most cost-effective conservatories on the market is the lean-to conservatory.

Simple in their style, lean-to conservatories suit just about every house type and are a quick and easy way of increasing the space and value of your home. As a basic extension with just 3 walls and single-sloped roof, you need only measure out where you want to extend out to and let an installer take care of the rest!

You can find your nearest uPVC installer using our handy installer search tool.

Abundance of choice

We’ve built relationships with the best uPVC manufacturers (and installers) in the UK to ensure homeowners have all the choice in the world when planning their next extension project.

On top of bespoke conservatory options, we offer a number of different styles.

Edwardian conservatories are designed with a ridged roof that curls around the corners, giving a traditional feel to a conservatory designed for maximum floor space and light allowance.

From customer feedback, we’ve found that gable-ended conservatories suit a grand, stylish house. With a high-angled roof, they let in a great amount of light and create the illusion of a high-ceiling house.

An option often misunderstood in relation to conservatories is an orangery. Closer to an extension, orangeries are primarily brick, with uPVC interwoven throughout. These are ideal for those perhaps with a more open garden who may prefer to keep their privacy – you’re able to customise endlessly, whilst still allowing maximum light through the many windows.

Using uPVC, all these options offer massive space improvements at low cost, whilst insulating your home with cutting edge frames, meaning you’re able to use them all year round.

For ideas on your possible conservatory project – visit our inspirations page!