What makes a uPVC bi-fold door a good investment

14 February 2019
Updated 21 March 2019

With spring just around the corner and summer fast approaching, many homeowners are looking for ways to make the most of their gardens and there’s nothing that allows you to make better use of your outdoor space like a set of Bi-fold doors.

In today’s article, we cover the key features of our uPVC Bi-fold doors. From their superb utility to thermal efficiency and security.

What are the benefits of bi-fold doors?

Market-leading design & customisability

One of the greatest benefits of choosing a DGN uPVC bifold door is the endless customisability on offer.

Not a fan of plain white uPVC? Long gone are the days when that was your only option. All DGN uPVC products come with a wide range of colour, styles, and hardware choices which allow you to configure your new door to match existing fittings or give your home a fresh new look.

Bi-folding doors can also be specified to suit your needs, with different folding configurations available to fit any space and any home.


Not only are our uPVC bi-fold doors stylish, but they’re also incredibly secure.

With concealed hardware and world-renowned Yale Shootbolt locking systems, would be criminals will have a hard time gaining entry. Need more reassurance? Each and every one of our uPVC doors, including the Liniar Bi-fold, is Secured By Design accredited, meaning it has passed the most rigorous security tests in use.

Low maintenance

Like all DGN uPVC doors and windows, our bi-fold door requires little to no maintenance, with only a periodic wipe down of the door’s surface being required to keep them looking spotless. Compared to traditional timber doors, our uPVC Bi-folds practically look after themselves. No more polishing or staining required and no more lengthy cleaning processes.

Our uPVC doors and windows are also covered by a 10-year guarantee against warping cracking and discolouration.

Thermally efficient

DGN uPVC doors are at the forefront of energy efficient uPVC technology, thanks to our partners Liniar. With an unbelievably low U-value of only 1.3 W/m²K when fitted with double glazing, not only will your Bi-fold doors let the cool air in during summer, but also keep you perfectly insulated when winter comes back around.

To top it all off, the Liniar uPVC Bi-fold door is 100% lead-free, which means its 100% recyclable!

For more information on the DGN uPVC Bi-fold door visit our product page. Alternatively, if you’re ready to make an order you can find your nearest DGN installer.