Top 6 Features of the Casement Window

24 April 2018
Updated 23 May 2018

A welcome addition to your home, our unrivalled Liniar uPVC Casement windows offer the very best in thermal efficiency, security, durability and design.

Known as ‘The Ultimate Window,’ uPVC Casement windows feature a wonderfully classic aesthetic and enhance any home with their subtle yet contemporary appearance. Effortlessly combining function and form, our Casement windows are a wonderful all-rounder.

1. Liniar Frame

As the only uPVC Casement window profile to have been designed in the 21st century, our Casement windows effortlessly answer the call of modern needs. They simultaneously offer intelligent, pioneering solutions to problems that have been detrimental to window performance for generations.

2. Eco-Friendly

The Liniar uPVC profile used to make our Casement windows is 100% recyclable and 100% lead-free, which means it not only bypasses any health dangers that come with using lead during the manufacturing process, but also means that these windows are incredibly eco-friendly. This reduced environmental impact means that you can enjoy outstanding quality and a clear conscience.

3. 10 Year Guarantee

Built to last, our Casement windows are accompanied by a 10-year guarantee that will cover you against cracking, warping or discolouration until 2028!

4. Thermal Efficiency

Our Casement windows allow for increased heat retention of your property as they feature an intelligently designed multi-chambered profile. These chambers work in harmony to break up mini convection currents and therefore trap in pockets of warm air. By trapping pockets of warm air, our windows ensure that your home not only gets warmer but that it stays warmer for longer. Ultimately, this means that your home will stay cosy and you will save money on your heating bills.

5. Unbeatable security

The internal structures of our Casement windows minimise the need for steel reinforcement and provide exceptional additional standards of robustness and rigidity. This ensures that all of our windows achieve a fantastic level of base security and will enhance the crime prevention of your home.

Our Casement windows are also fitted with world-class locking systems from Yale. Yale locking systems offer the very best in home security, which is exemplified by their 10-year mechanical and security guarantee. This means that your family can enjoy your home peacefully and in comfort, protected by the highest level of security.

6. Stunning Aesthetics

For a simple and contemporary look, you can opt for a chamfered rebate. This subtle detail adds a wonderful charm to the window aesthetic and is sure to be the envy of your neighbours and friends.

Plus, the slim sightlines of our Casement windows allow for a larger area of visible glass, giving your home more natural light and enhanced views. So you can enjoy looking out over your garden without being exposed to the British weather.

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