Top 5 tips to get the best double glazing quote

28 February 2018
Updated 2 October 2018

A double glazing quote can vary depending on the number of windows you want to be installed. The exact cost for your double glazing quote can only be complete once your local window fitter has assessed your home. We have put together a list of our top 5 tips to ensure you get the best double glazing quote from your installer.

Compare quotes

When trying to find your local window fitter we would advise you request quotes from a number of different companies. This allows you to compare quotes and other factors such as time is taken and when they can complete the job by. Use our online quote builder tool which allows you to quickly get a double glazing quote online.

Know what you want

Knowing what style of window you want and where in particular allows for a faster quotation and also allows the installer to have a better understanding of the upcoming job, including how many windows will be needed and the time it’ll take to install them.

Buy at the best time

The double glazing industry can be busy so planning ahead and booking your project in early is always advised to avoid disappointment.

Find an installer you can trust

Find the right installer for you, look for local window fitters with good reviews, as well as ones who have worked on local projects that provide competitive prices. Finding the right installer will allow you to use them in the future when you require further double glazing jobs.


Don’t be afraid to negotiate the cost provided in order to get the best value possible within your budget.

Get a double glazing quote online

Why not get an instant double glazing quote online? Our network of trusted window installers who are located across the country always provide a competitive price, as well as a great service.