The Liniar Refine – One of the UK’s first Secured by Design timber alternative frames

10 May 2018
Updated 9 December 2019

Introducing the Liniar Refine, one of the UK’s first timber alternative windows to achieve secured by design status. Its industry-leading security, combined with a stunningly beautiful low profile frame and plenty of customisable features, mean you can’t go wrong.

Like all of our windows, the Liniar Refine is manufactured right here in the UK. Using our state of the art cutting and machining technologies, our innovative products continue to be a superior window option and the Refine is the top of the line.

These gorgeous windows boast market leading energy efficiency, security hardware and weatherproofing, protecting your home in every aspect. The Liniar Refine also provides functionality with out compromising look. Housing its hardware within its beautiful, yet sleek frame.

Top of the line energy efficiency

Liniar’s innovative 6 chambered uPVC technology provides unrivalled energy efficiency. This revolutionary design ensures Liniar windows are in a class of their own when it comes to thermal performance.

All DGN supplied, uPVC windows are capable of achieving a Windows Energy Rating of A+. This outstanding level of energy efficiency means our customers can save money on energy bills, no matter the weather.

Unparalleled security

We build the Liniar Refine from the ground up to ensure your home and its contents remain safe at all times. Features include the high-security, shock-bolt Yale locking systems as standard. Which has its own 10-year guarantee, covering customers in the event of a break in. Choose the Liniar Refine uPVC window is your best choice for home safety.

Market leading weatherproofing

A seamless fit ensures you never have to experience leakages or draughts. This is a result of our unbeatable production process, which sees each and every window being hand finished. State of the art cutting and manufacturing machines ensure that every one of our windows is built with a tolerance less than 0.2mm, for a truly seamless fit.


DGN and Liniar are committed to providing customisability options to produce an end product to suit any requirement, including bespoke window designs. Being stuck with standard white uPVC frames are a thing of the past. Customise your Liniar Refine window to suit your needs. From finish, to hardware and colour, every part of your window can be set to your specification. Making your new Liniar window a perfect match for your home.

Find Your Nearest Liniar Dealer

All DGN installers are rigorously assessed, to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality, service and price. Each has earned Double Glazing Network membership because they offer outstanding service in every area.

If you would like to find your nearest window installer, you can use our search tool to help find local double glazing fitters. Customers will find approved Liniar double glazing installers, who provide outstanding service and a set of our unbeatable Liniar windows.