The many benefits of casement windows

26 March 2018
Updated 23 May 2018

Casement windows are exceedingly easy to operate, opening and closing smoothly with a wide range of features making them one of the most popular and versatile window types on the market. Stylish, secure & energy efficient, casement windows offer both high security and energy efficiency. Not only that, but they’re also friendly to the environment being 100% recyclable and completely lead-free.

Greater opening capabilities

Casement windows offer unparalleled ventilation capabilities. No other window type opens as far as a casement window and they also operate in a way that provides a funnel to bring cool outside air into a home should you need it on a hot summer day.

Double hung, sliding and fixed windows fail to provide this. If opening size is an important feature or your home requires greater ventilation casement windows are the superior choice

Less external hardware and framework

With casement windows, the only thing separating you and your view of the outside world is the glass. With no sections separating glass to obstruct views, casement windows give the best view experience. As well as this, casement windows have almost all of their hardware contained within the frame itself meaning less visual clutter. DGN windows also feature boast extremely slim sightlines that further enhance your view of the beautiful outdoors.

Increased security

Casement windows are the most secure consumer window type on the market. Unlike other window types, casement window hardware is concealed within the frame. Making them almost impossible to tamper with. At DGN we only partner with Yale, for all of our locking systems. The most recognizable name in home security, Yale provide us with the most secure locks around and a 10 year guarantee, offering peace of mind.

Highly energy efficient

DGN customers save money on their energy bills thanks to our directory of window fitters. Using Liniars EnergyPlus profile which comes with six-chambers as standard, heat is locked in and cold is prevented from getting through. Our double glazing achieves a WER rating of A+14. Because of this energy efficiency, our windows achieve the highest possible BFRC window energy rating in the industry.

Unlike other window types which have limited openings overheating will never be a problem, casement windows open from top to bottom providing you with maximum exposure to a nice cool breeze when you need it.

Various glazing options

It’s possible to add almost any glass design into your casement window frames, including bevelled designs and stained glass. They can also incorporate either double or triple glazing to further ensure that you are never left out in the cold.

Low maintenance

Our Liniar uPVC windows are built to last and come with a 10 year guarantee. Unlike wooden or metal frames they will never rot, rust, warp or require re-paining. The only thing you need to do is lubricate the hinges once in a while to ensure the window functions at its optimal performance.


Our Liniar casement windows are specifically manufactured to meet your individual requirements. Hinge options, colour choices and glass designs are all available in a wide selection. You can also choose from our bespoke range of handle colours for a little extra personality.

If you’re looking to purchase casement windows why not get an instant, no obligation double glazing quote online? Our network of trusted window installers nationwide, provide a competitive prices, and excellent service.