The Liniar uPVC Bi-Fold Door

22 November 2017
Updated 14 June 2019

Liniar uPVC bi-folding doors offer homeowners a luxurious entrance to their garden combined with exceptional performance.

Liniar uPVC bi-fold doors are manufactured to achieve the very highest standards of double glazing. They incorporate cutting edge design to ensure they outperform their competitors, which is why Liniar is an industry-leading manufacturer.

Liniar’s uPVC bi-fold doors offer outstanding performance which is highlighted in the great guarantees they supply with these double glazed sliding doors.

uPVC Extrusions – guaranteed for 10 years.

Moving Parts – guaranteed against failure for 5 years.

Coloured Hardware Finish – guaranteed for 1 year.

Your local installer will be able to provide you with the terms and conditions for these guarantees, so please ask them for more information.

Market-Leading Design

One of the many reasons that Liniar are a leading double glazing manufacturer, is their commitment to innovation and state of the art design. They work to create high-performance PVCu doors, and their double glazed bi-fold doors are no exception to this.

Liniar’s sliding doors were the first in the industry to be designed from scratch. Not only that, but they were the first to be engineered, designed and manufactured in the UK.

The revolutionary Liniar bi-fold door offers supreme energy efficiency, exceptional security and outstanding weather resistance. All this comes with the beauty that is central to the bi-fold door design.

Enhancing Thermal Efficiency

Liniar’s uPVC bi-fold doors are completely cutting edge with a patented lead-free, multi-chambered profile. They achieve an ultra-low U-value of just 1.3 W/m²K when fitted with double glazing.

You will benefit from a warmer home, as heat transfer is minimised. This will also help to lower your energy bills, as you will need to use less heating to keep your home cosy and comfortable in cold weather.

Incredible Security

Your new bi-folding doors use the innovative Liniar design to offer supreme security. The slim hinges have the fixings hidden inside. Not only does this ensure the beautiful, sleek lines are maintained, but it also makes them impossible to unscrew from the outside.

You can count on the Liniar uPVC sliding door to protect your property and the people within.

Unparalleled Weatherproofing

One of the most impressive benefits of the Liniar uPVC bi-fold doors is the amazing weather resistance. These double glazed sliding doors have been subjected to cyclic testing in Liniar’s purpose-built lab.

They are not only weather resistant, but these uPVC bi-folding doors actually exceed the British Standards requirements when it comes to weatherproofing.

Liniar uPVC Bi-Fold Door Options

Liniar’s unrivalled uPVC sliding doors offer more than just high performance in energy efficiency, security and weatherproofing, they also offer outstanding customisation options.

You can create a truly tailored double glazed bi-fold door that will enrich your home and your lifestyle. The superb wall of glass that these doors provide will enhance your experience of your property and add value to the home.

Variety of Fold Configurations

You can create the perfect fit for your home by choosing from a wide variety of fold configurations. Liniar bi-folding doors are designed to take up the minimal amount of space by folding back in a concertina motion and taking up just a few inches of space.

Extensive Range of Colours

The Liniar uPVC bi-fold door is available in a fantastic range of colours. You can choose the perfect match for your home and your tastes. Your new sliding doors can be tailored to reflect your personality and to blend in with your property, creating a stunning finish.

Low Thresholds

The Liniar low-threshold option is a practical option for family homes. It creates a flawless entrance and exit that comes with no need for disrupting excavation.

The low threshold is enhanced by the option of an easy-access ramp. This makes the Liniar uPVC bi-fold door perfect for wheelchairs and prams. The ramp can be created using an optional tray to seat the low threshold.

The ultra-low Liniar threshold measures at just 24mm at its highest point. It is available in a choice of silver or gold finish, designed to complement the door hardware.

Find Your Nearest Liniar Dealer

If you would like more information on the Liniar bi-fold door, we can put you in touch with your nearest installer who will be happy to help. We have a great search tool, designed to help you find a Double Glazing Network installer near to you.

Find your nearest door fitter now, and get a stunning uPVC bi-fold door installed into your home.