Sustainable Windows and Doors: Recycling old Frames

7 December 2018
Updated 17 January 2019

uPVC now represents the largest market share portion for windows and doors, when compared with traditional timber and aluminium frames. But what does that mean for sustainability? Are uPVC windows and doors recyclable and will they be processed accordingly?

There is a misconception that uPVC frames represent the less environmentally friendly option. In this article, we discuss the facts about recycling old Frames. Plus how, as a homeowner, you can help to ensure your old windows are being disposed of correctly.

Sustainable manufacturing

Liniar manufacture uPVC windows and doors that are completely lead-free. This makes them safer for your family and the environment. The uPVC manufacturing process also requires far less energy consumption, in comparison to alternative frame materials.

In addition, Liniar windows are the most thermally efficient windows on the market, which means your home will have lower running costs and greater fuel efficiency.

How to make sure your frames are recycled

If you want to be absolutely certain that your frames can be reused after removal, there are measures you should take. This will help to ensure that your installer is removing the frames correctly. When a surveyor checks your property, make sure all materials that must be disposed of or recycled are correctly recorded.

Additionally, check with the installer that they are sending the materials to the correct place. DGN installers only work with trusted plastic and glass recycling facilities, ensuring that no part of your window goes to waste.

How much of a frame can be recycled?

The question is, can uPVC frames be recycled? Unlike timber frames, which cannot always be recycled, all components of Liniar uPVC windows, including the glass, are recyclable. With up to 10 re-uses, the same materials can be in circulation for up to 300 years. Some of the benefits of recycling old frames are that they can be reused. This includes repurposing as piping, garden furniture or even as dental retainers.

As well as being the most thermally efficient window frame on the market, Liniar windows offer the most future-proof solution for your window installation. To find out more about having Liniar windows installed in your home use our free Quote Builder. Or you can contact your nearest installer today.