What makes a secured by design window or door?

6 March 2019

What is secured by design?

When it comes to the window and door security, the secured by design accreditation may be something you’ve heard mentioned. But what is it really? And why is it beneficial?

Secured by design is a police backed standard and specification for the design and manufacturing of products which make burglaries more difficult. These security standards cover a broad spectrum of applications and products including windows, doors and locking systems.

So how is having windows and doors that are Secured By Design accredited beneficial?

Secured by Designed Standard

The Secured By Design standard is an indicator that your windows and doors have been rigorously tested to the highest security standards. However, we don’t just carry out the initial test, we regularly retest our products to prevent any deterioration in product quality over time and ensure they continue to remain secure.

With up to an 87% reduction of burglaries in new homes, the secured by design standard is clearly effective at reducing crime and keep homeowners safe. As well as this, having secured by design window and doors frames can also reduce your home’s insurance costs.  

Which DGN products are secured by design accredited?

As security is a key item on any homeowners priority list, it’s vital that your new windows and doors provide the best protection available. At the DGN we’re set on providing this assurance, so each and every one of our products is SBD accredited, from the hardware to the frame.

That’s right, every single one, which includes both our Yale and ATK locking systems as well as each of our Liniar frames. So whether you’re buying a bi-fold door or a flush sash window, you’re protected.

At the DGN we provide secure doors and windows to suit any home. With a 10-year manufacturers guarantee and more than 35 years of expected lifetime, there’s no better choice than DGN. Get a quote on a new set of doors or windows today, or find your nearest trusted DGN installer using our installer search tool.