Planning Permission for Windows

23 October 2018
Updated 18 July 2019

For most homeowners, planning permission is a grey area. It can even prevent you from making the improvements you want to make to your home. Luckily, planning permission is rarely required when installing new windows.

However, there are a number of exceptions. Without due consideration, you may find your plans for new windows are scuppered before you even start. So before you engage somebody to install your new windows, it’s best to check first if planning permission applies.

When do I need planning permission for new windows?

Planning regulations vary depending on the local authority for your area, so it’s always best to make your first enquiries there. If you are in any doubt, you should also contact a surveyor to obtain an expert professional opinion. Are you trying to determine whether or not you need planning permission for your new windows and doors?

Our top tips follow.

Switching from a flat to a bay window

In this instance, you will need planning permission as you are altering the structure of your home, as well as the appearance. Care must be taken to ensure the loads are properly supported during and after the installation. Planning permission will be subject to a structural assessment conducted by a qualified engineer.

Do you live in a listed area?

If you live in a listed area, you will need to obtain planning permission before making any changes to the external aesthetic of the building, this includes changing your windows. Replacement windows will be required to be in keeping with the building’s existing appearance to ensure the area retains its current aesthetic.

Fire Safety

Newly installed windows must be equal to or greater in size than existing installations. This is to ensure emergency egress is possible in the event of a fire occurring. This is your responsibility as the homeowner so be sure to check with your installers that they are installing correctly.

It is your responsibility to be up to date with planning regulations in order to ensure your new home is compliant. However, a qualified and trusted installer will always guide on these regulations and make sure your installation is correct and legal. If in doubt, always contact a surveyor to guide you through the process.

For peace of mind, find your nearest trusted window fitter here. You can also create your own quote for replacement doors and windows by using our quote builder tool.