Modern Windows For A Contemporary Home

4 May 2020

Modern windows are a great option for homeowners who, live in a house that is quite modern.

A house that may be a new build or one that has been designed can benefit greatly from having contemporary windows.

Why? Because installing the wrong style and type of window can make the house look a little odd. Imagine having a stylish grey anthracite house and then installing a standard white uPVC casement window on the house or even having a stable door as your front door.

With the wrong style and the wrong colour on the wrong house can look mismatched and poorly designed.

That’s why it’s important to keep with a contemporary theme and consider installing these 3 stylish, modern windows into your home to get the best of a wide range of benefits.

  • Aluminium Windows
  • French Casement Windows
  • Sash Horn

Aluminium Windows

With their sleek designs, slim frames and wide choice of colours, aluminium windows really are the best contemporary window option on the market today.

With the large glass panels, minimal frames, they allow for full, natural light to enter the home and to light the house naturally. 

Not only will you feel much happier and healthier due to natural daylight entering your home, but you’ll also save money by not needing to put lights on in rooms that were once dark, which have now been “opened-up” by installing aluminium windows in those rooms.

And with high energy-efficiency ratings, aluminium windows will continue to perform for a long time, making sure that heat stays inside the property, saving you on energy costs and more.

The choice of colour can really bring out the aluminium windows, whether you opt-in for something quite discreet or want to make more a statement and go with a contrasting colour to the rest of your home, either way, they’ll look completely natural.

French Casement Windows

Aluminium windows can be quite expensive to install and whilst the styles and benefits are unmatched, french casement windows are more cost-effective for new homeowners who may be on a budget.

French casement windows are a great option for a modern window design that offers two full, panels of glass, offering unrestricted views, the ability to open your home up to the outside world and regulate maximum airflow throughout the property.

With many different colours, styles and accessories available for you to choose from, french casement windows offer mostly everything aluminium windows offer except for the hard-fought material.

Nevertheless, french casement windows are sustainable and durable, so you’ll still be receiving high levels of energy efficiency and heat retention, whilst saving money on energy costs and the extra money spent on if you were to install aluminium windows.

Overall, french casement windows offer the best of both worlds, a stylish, contemporary window that comes at a more cost-effective price.

Sash Horn

Sash horn windows can be classed as being a traditional window with traditional values.

However, if you’re daring, you could try them on your modern home and they might look quite beautiful. This is because sometimes, certain window styles whilst they may keep their classic appeal that made them what they were, they can actually be installed in more modern homes for an interesting combination and appeal.

Mixing classic with contemporary sash horn windows offers stylish designs that can be fully customised to the homeowners’ taste, with various colour schemes available.

We would advise staying more subtle with sash horn windows and matching them with the rest of your home. Otherwise, they could really stand out and look cheap on an otherwise beautifully modern home.

Whilst sash horns are more of a risky choice for homeowners who own a contemporary house, they offer a more cost-effective approach to stylish windows.

As with all the windows on this list, you’ll receive a high energy-efficiency rating, save money on energy bills and be fully secure with the latest technology in locking mechanisms.

They’re a great option for a homeowner who wants a classic appeal brought to a modern-day home. 

Ready To Install Modern Windows In Your Home Today?

Having so many options to design your perfect contemporary windows, means that you can create a modern window that is ideal for you and your home.

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