Tips To Lower Your Energy Bills

19 October 2022

For quick and simple ways to conserve energy, lower your bills, and lessen your carbon footprint, follow our tips and recommendations:

Install dimmer switches

  • Use dimmer switches so that you only use the amount of light you actually need.

Keeping your fridge freezer full

  • You’re always advised to keep the refrigerator closed. But did you know that keeping your refrigerator and freezer stocked can also result in financial savings? Food serves as insulation, reducing the amount of time the refrigerator needs to run to maintain cooling.

Ceiling fans

  • So that your air conditioner does not have to work as hard, keep the air moving in your home with ceiling fans.

Line dry laundry

  • Your laundry will dry naturally if you hang it on a clothesline in your garden. If this is not an option, think about hanging your clothing from a shower rod or a drying rack.

Eliminate phantom loads

  • Unbelievably, when home electronics are turned off, they use up 75 percent of the energy they consume. Phantom loads of electricity are generated by devices that store time or other settings, such as televisions, stereos, computers, and many kitchen appliances. Plugging all of these devices into power strips and developing the habit of turning the strips off when not in use are straightforward solutions.

Shield your home from the sun

  • With blinds to help cut down air conditioning usage
  • For even more savings, consider installing tinted window film.

Install double glazing

  • Due to the fact that double glazing stops heat from escaping from the house, your heating won’t need to run as frequently or at as high a temperature, lowering your heating costs. So double glazing can be considered an investment; spend a little more now on double glazing and save a little more later.

For more information regarding double-glazing, visit our website to find a double-glazing installer near you.