How to prepare your home for a new door installation

12 June 2018
Updated 17 January 2019

So you’ve taken the plunge to replace and upgrade your door, or perhaps you’re still making your decision and are unsure of how you can make the process as quick and painless as possible. In this quick guide, we’ll provide you with our top tips for making any new door installation a breeze.

Measure it up

You probably know the saying already. Measure once, cut twice. This is especially important when having your doors or windows replaced. Our expert installers guarantee a perfect fit every time. But knowing the measurements yourself before we begin helps smooth out the process. If you have measurements to hand and are looking to get a quote, use our powerful, free QuoteBuilder to get started.

Make way

To make life easier for your hired professional and yourself once the new door is in, make sure to clear your entryway by removing any furniture such as paintings or shoe racks. This will allow your door fitter to get right to the job with no interruptions. This also goes for outdoors, any moving garden furniture or plant pots in the vicinity of the door being replaced should be moved. Not only will this speed up the process, it will make cleaning and getting back to normal usage a much quicker task.

Cover up

Removing the existing door can be a messy job. If you have any furniture that can’t be moved to cover it well so no dust or debris gets on to it. Use heavy sheets, making sure to completely cover the object and tape the covering down where possible to prevent any debris slipping through gaps. This also goes for any fittings you have in the area such as light switches or electrical outlet. Be sure to cover these with masking tape.

Finally lay down any sheets to protect your hard flooring or carpets from any wear or dusk they may be exposed too.

Allow access

If you are unavailable on the planned installation dates, make sure you provide access to your home so the fitters are able to complete the job during your absence. Fully trusting your installer you’ve hired is crucial. At DGN, we ensure that your home is in safe hands of our approved and trusted installers. You could also have a family member or neighbour provide access for your peace of mind. Finally, it’s important to ensure that when your installers arrive they have easy access to the work site, that means providing space for easy unloading and removal of your new and old doors. Be sure to clear your driveway if possible.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy door installer, the DGN is the UK’s leading uPVC window and door installer network, with expert tradesmen available up and down the country. Get in touch or start your online door quote.