How to find a trustworthy window installer

30 November 2018
Updated 4 December 2018

Finding somebody to install your windows and doors can be a tricky business. Even a recommendation is only as reliable as the person making it. The strength of a single job is also not always the best indicator of trustworthiness.

At the Double Glazing Network (DGN) we understand the importance of having someone trustworthy to do such significant home improvement on your house. In this article, we’ll discuss the most important factors to consider when looking for an installer and the simplest ways to find someone reliable.

What to look for in a window installer

There are many considerations when choosing somebody to install your windows and doors. The following will help to ensure that you have an efficient installation and achieve satisfying results.

Location: Where is your installer based? It’s all very well having an installer with rave reviews, but if they’re based 50 miles away, how quickly are they going to be able to get to you? It’s advised that you try to find somebody based locally to you. This will help to ensure they can be flexible and responsive in delivering the work.

Previous work: It’s essential that you get a good idea of what your installer is capable of. Ask to see examples of their previous work and ensure they provide you with quality images. You should also ask for references and see if they have any reviews on review sites.

Who are their suppliers?: Another critical element in selecting an installer is choosing somebody who uses quality products and, more importantly, products which match your requirements. A reliable installer is only as good as their team and their supply chain. A reputable installer should be able to tell you who their suppliers are and provide you with guarantees of their service.

Other tips

The easiest and safest way to do this is to use our online QuoteBuilder to create your bespoke window or door quotes and find a local installer. Double Glazing Network only works with trustworthy installers with a proven track record. You can also locate your nearest window or door installer here.

For further tips on a smooth installation, see our previous article on how to minimise unexpected delays with window or door installations.