How to adjust a uPVC door

17 January 2020

Are you having problems with you uPVC door not “sitting” right? 

It may be that your door hasn’t been installed properly, general wear and tear has caused issues with the door to all of a sudden not work as well as it used to and maybe time to get your uPVC door repaired.

If you don’t have the money to cover the repair costs, you may be worrying what to do, especially if it’s your front door and you’re unable to lock it for one reason or another.

In this guide, we want to help you adjust your uPVC door if you’re unable to call a professional double glazing installer to come out and make repairs.

As a word of warning, we would highly recommend you proceed with caution when making changes to your uPVC door, whilst this guide may help solve the problem you’re facing, it may not and should only be treated as a guide, not a full solution.

Before making any changes, we suggest you read this guide and, as mentioned, proceed with caution.

uPVC Door Locks 

If it’s a locking mechanism fault, it may be because your door is out of alignment with the frame. In this case, you may want to check to see if the mitres in the corners of the frame are aligned with the mitres in the door. 

If they aren’t you may want to check if the door is level, the quickest way to do this is to use a spirit level to see if the door is out of alignment with the frame.

Finally, check to see if there is a gap between the lock side of the door and the frame which runs all the way down.

If you’re experiencing these problems then more than likely it’s a locking fault.

Here’s how you may be able to fix the issue.

Before we get started, make sure you have:

  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • A flat-head screwdriver
  • A 5mm Allen key

Start by removing the plastic which covers the main part of the hinge. 

Insert the Allen key into the hole in the main part of the hinge, make sure you count how many turns you make and keep turning the key until the door begins to pull back towards the hinge.

Finally, make sure you do the same as step two but on the middle hinge. Before tightening the hinges back up, make sure that the door closes and locks correctly after every adjustment, turning the Allen key the same number of times until the door is aligned with the frame

uPVC Door Hinges

Are you still experiencing difficulties in shutting and locking your door?

It may be the hinges, so, let’s take a look at how you can fix those.

First, find the small part of the bottom of the hinge (the one that runs vertically to the side of the doorframe.

It’s important to note that the hole at the top of the hinge is for compression whereas the bottom hole is for height. If you’re unsure, insert the Allen key into either hole and as you turn it you will see that if the door rises then that is controlling the height and if the door moves towards you then this means that it’s compression. 

Continue altering each hinge until the door closes and locks properly.

If the following steps did not resolve the issue, consider buying new hinges for your uPVC door, or call a double glazing specialist to come out and fix the door for you.

uPVC Door Frames

If you’re having issues with your door frames, such as any leaks it could be because they simply needed cleaning. Check the bottom of the doorframe, you will find two drainage areas, if they are blocked, you will need to clean them thoroughly. 

If you notice that the rubber seals around the edge of the door seem worn or have come out of place, you can either buy new ones and replace them (if they’re worn) or if they’ve come out of place, simply push them back into position.

Still having door issues?

You may need to call a double glazing specialist to come out and look at your door. They should know what the problem is and how to fix it, they will more than likely quote for the work there and then. 

Depending on the solution, it could range from being relatively cheap to fairly expensive. But at least you will have a professional taking a look at your door, as, if you were to do it yourself, you run the risk of further damaging your door.

Find a double glazing company near you today and get in touch with them, explain the problem you’re having and you should be able to work out a suitable time for them to come out and look at the problem.