How Many Christmas Lights Does Your Home Need

21 December 2022

The holiday season is brightened by the brightness, colour, and shine of Christmas lights. However, determining how many Christmas lights you’ll need to adorn your house might be challenging. Your home’s eaves, beams, peaks, windows, and other architectural details can be hard to judge how many lights you need without measuring accurately. However, there are some general guidelines and recommendations that can assist you in purchasing the appropriate number of lights to avoid dark areas or overlighting the house.

The Front Of The House

For a small or average-sized house, use two strands of 32-foot tiny lights, for a total of 200 lights. Double the number of strands if you prefer the 16-foot-long, larger-bulb C9 lights. So, for 100 lights, you would use four strands of C9s.

Position your lights on your home’s eaves! Eaves are the roof appendages that hang over the walls on the exterior. Christmas lights are most commonly fixed to the fascia, which is the vertical part of the eaves.

The Front And Sides

The average house uses two strands of 32-foot small lights and two strands of 14-foot mini lights, for a total of 500 lights. Ten of the 16-foot-long strands can be used for C9 bulbs.

A small house, on the other hand, uses four strands of 32-foot tiny lights for a total of 400 lights. Use 7 of the 16-foot strands with C9 bulbs.

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Number Of Lights For Features

  • Hedges and Bushes: Each hedge or bush should have one to two 4-foot by 6-foot light nets.
  • Trees: For an 8-foot tree, use 500–600 lights, or one 32-foot strand (100 lights) for every 1 1/2 vertical feet of a tree.
  • Windows: One 16-foot strand for each window with a single width.
  • Doors: Each door has a 16-foot strand.
  • Window Boxes: Each window box has a 14-foot strand of 50 lights.
  • Columns and pillars: use one 32-foot strand of 100 lights for every seven vertical feet.
  • Deck railings: Calculate the length of the lights using the measurement of the deck railing. You will lose roughly 1 foot if you decide to wrap the lights rather than use clips. Therefore, add a foot more.
  • Christmas tree: (4ft, 4 strands or 200 lights), (5ft, 5 strands or 500 lights), 6ft, 6 strands or 600 lights), (7ft, 7 strands or 700 lights).

One of the best ways to spruce up your house for the holidays is with Christmas window decorations. Windows attract attention from the outside, especially during the darker months; appropriately decorating them enhances the atmosphere of the entire house and provides a glimpse of the festive cosiness within. 

During the winter months, your windows will play a more important role as they not only are more prominent aesthetically, but they also play an important part in your home’s energy and thermal efficiency. By installing new double-glazed windows and doors for your home, you can save money on your energy bills for years to come as well as have beautiful windows and doors ready to show off and decorate with lights and wreaths.

If you’re looking to install new windows and doors in your home, use the Double Glazing Network to find a local and reliable installer for you.