How to Fix the Most Common Bifold Door Problems

30 September 2021

Do you have bi-fold doors that are acting up? Do they seem hard to open or close, have a draft in your home when they are closed, or not seal correctly? You’re not in the minority. Bi-fold doors can be challenging to maintain and repair. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled this list of bi-fold door troubleshooting tips to help you get back on track.

Stuck or hard to open bi-fold doors

If your bi-fold door is hard to open, check the hinges for tightness. Over time they can become loose and may need tightening with a screwdriver.

A bi-fold door that sticks likely has debris in its track preventing proper movement – we recommend using a can of compressed air into the tracks to blow out any dirt or sand

If bi-fold doors are hard to close, they may be hitting the door frame as they’re closing. In this case, adjust hinges on one or more panels so that it is not touching

Finally, bi-folding doors can become hard to open because they’ve been installed against other objects, preventing them from opening correctly. In this case, we recommend taking off some trim pieces for bi-fold doors to work effectively.

Bi-fold doors that won’t lock

If the bi-folding door lock mechanism isn’t turning, lubricate the track with WD40. Clean both sides of each panel and use different cleansers (i.e. glass cleaner on windows; wood/metal appropriate cleanser on frames) depending on what they are made of. Finally, make sure you have a flat surface and that hinges aren’t too tight to overdo pressure onto bi-fold doors. 

Bi-fold doors that let in a draft

Insufficient weather stripping around bi-fold doors leads to drafts and poor insulation. Check to see if any of the strips have come loose or fallen off completely. You might also want help from someone else holding up each panel as you tighten down the screws again.

Make sure your bi-fold doors aren’t sagging. This could cause uneven spacing between panels, which will affect how well it seals.

A bi-fold door with condensation is likely not appropriately sealed – check the stripping to verify if it’s still intact and try cleaning your bi-fold doors from the outside as well as inside by using a mild detergent mixed with warm water on both sides of each panel

Bi-fold doors that are misaligned:

If bi-fold doors are warping or sagging or seem misaligned, first make sure you have a flat surface and that the hinges aren’t too tight. This should help re-straighten any flexing bi-fold door panels. Be sure not to overdo it, as bi-fold doors cannot handle too much pressure.

On warmer days, if you have uPVC bifold doors, it is common for uPVC doors of all varieties to change shape temporarily. This is normal, and the door should return to its original shape once the temperature cools down.

Bi-fold door cleaning problems:

Finally, make sure you clean both sides of each panel and use different cleaners if necessary (i.e. glass cleaner for windows; wood/metal appropriate cleanser for frames) depending on what they’re made out of.

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