How are Orangeries different from Conservatories?

2 August 2018
Updated 15 August 2018

Both orangeries and conservatories were originally designed to create a protected habitat for tropical plants and shrubs to grow in the UK’s colder climates. Conservatories have typically been the most commonly built across UK households, due to their simple construction and slightly cheaper costs. But what makes them different from one another.

The Basics

The most obvious difference between an orangery and conservatory is in their primary construction material. Traditionally, conservatories have almost entirely glazed glass ceilings and walls, to allow for maximum sunlight to enter the room. Ideal for homeowners looking to make the most of any natural sunlight and also for those with a green thumb.

Orangeries, on the other hand, are typically built as more of a solid extension to your home. Constructed with brick or stone pillars, most have standard windows on their walls and a roof lantern in the ceiling.

Roof lanterns are glass roofs that typically cover only a small portion of the room’s ceiling.

Whilst you’ll get less natural sunlight this way, orangeries provide more space for artificial lighting to be fitted. This means you’re not left in the dark when there’s no sunlight. Perfect for those who wish to use their new room at any time of day.

Energy Efficiency

Orangeries are typically more efficient in winter due to being less exposed to the elements. Conversely, however, in the summer orangeries will get less natural sunlight as well as providing fewer window openings to catch cool breezes in sweltering heat.

Ultimately both have their strengths and weaknesses but what it boils down to is construction quality and materials used. This includes the choice of windows, which will be the largest contributor to efficiency overall.

Which is best for me?

If you’re looking to create a solid addition to your home, providing a more versatile space, an orangery may be the best option for you. For a home improvement that lets you enjoy your garden, a conservatory may be a better option.

With customisable windows, our bespoke designed orangeries can be a beautiful addition to your property. And all of our high-quality windows are made from the latest uPVC technology and come with a 10-year guarantee. If you’re still unsure about which is best for you, we’re always happy to help. Get in touch with our team today.

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